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RocketRoute & Air BP


 How does Air BP integrate with RocketRoute?

How to order fuel via RocketRoute:

1. Prepare a flight at RocketRoute as normal.

2. Click an “Arrange Fuel” icon.

3. Check the details and required fuel uplift.

4. IMPORTANT: Check if “Fuel Grade” is correct.

5. Press “Request Price” or “Arrange Fuel”.  Your request will be sent as an email to AirBP.

6. Within 10 minutes AirBP will reply with a price offer or “Fuel Release”.

7. RocketRoute automatically attaches the “Fuel Release” to your “Flight Briefing Pack”.

Open An Air BP Account

If you would like to open an Air BP’s Account, complete your details below and a member of the Air BP’s Team will get in contact with you straight away.

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1. When the latest before a flight can I arrange fuel?

We recommend a minimum of 30 minutes before departure.

2. At what airports is the service available?

At all AirBP airports, worldwide.

3. Do I need an AirBP account to use the service?

Yes, if you do not have an account, it is easy to open it via RocketRoute

4. If there is a problem at the airport with providing a fuel, who should I contact with?

If you received a “Fuel Release” from AirBP for the flight, contact AirBP.

If you did not receive a “Fuel Release” but you did arrange a fuel via RocketRoute – contact our Ops team: +44 1273 782130.

5. I hold many AirBP cards, which one should I use?

Select the AirBP card in the same manner you would do normally for your flight. RocketRoute allows you to setup any number of cards and accounts.

6. How do I cancel a “Fuel Release”?

Within RocketRoute there is the option to “Cancel a Fuel Release”.

7. Can I update a “Fuel Release”?

Yes, simply prepare a duplicate Fuel Release with the new quantity. AirBP will recognise this as the new requirements.

8. Will “Fuel Releases” be added to my AirBP’s account for payment?

Yes, AirBP will automatically add every fuel releas to your AirBP’s account in the normal way.

9. Is this service optional or mandatory as a RocketRoute’s or Air BP’s account holder?

 The service is optional. We hope you will find the service fast, easy and convenient.

Further information:

Watch an interview with Uwe Nitsche, RocketRoute CEO and Co-Founder. Learn more about RocketRoute integration of AirBP fuel services, which provides fuel price transparency and integrated fuel ordering:

Read further information on how to arrange the fuel here:


Watch other videos at our Youtube channel:

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e-mail: support@rocketroute.com

tel.: +44 1273 782130

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