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Beechjet 400



The Hawker 400 is a small twin-engine jet corporate aircraft. Initially designed and built by Mitsubishi, it has been further developed and updated by the Beech Aircraft Company, now part of Hawker Beechcraft.

The original Mitsubishi MU300 Diamond 1 flew for the first time in August 1978, powered by two 11.1kN (2500lb) P&WC JT15D4 turbofans. The subsequent Diamond 2 flew on June 20 1984, with the first production aircraft flying in January 1985. Only 11 Diamond 2s were built before Beech purchased the design and production rights, resulting in the Model 400 Beechjet.

Beech reengined the Diamond 2 with P&WC JT15D5 turbofans, developed a new interior, and incorporated a number of other minor refinements. Deliveries of the Beechjet began in June 1986, with low rate production continuing until that model was replaced by the Model 400A, which was delivered from November 1990.

The new 400A incorporated a number of improvements over its predecessor. A higher max takeoff weight and greater operating ceiling improved performance, while repositioning the rear fuselage fuel tank increased cabin volume. The flightdeck features Collins Pro Line 4 EFIS with three colour displays – two primary flight displays (PFDs) and a multifunction display (MFD) with a second MFD optional.


Beechjet 400A receives its power from two Pratt and Whitney of Canada JT15D-5 turbo-fan engines.   Each engine produces 2,900 lbs of thrust and has an inspection interval of 3,500 hours.

These engines, along with unique design features, allow the 400A to travel 1,500 nautical miles at a speed of mach 0.78.  Its maximum speed is 446 knots, another improvement from its predecessor.  The 400A has a maximum payload of 2,172 lbs and a maximum flight ceiling of 45,000 feet.  53 cubic feet of baggage space is an additional amenity.

The 400A employs the Collins Pro Line 4 avionics system.  The system includes the Collins FCS-850 digital flight control system, Collins FMS-850 flight management system, EFIS (EFD-871), Collins MFD-871 (single multifunction display), Collins WXR-840 color weather radar, and Collins ALT-55B radio altimeter and Rosemount air data system.  The 400A was the first aircraft to be certified with such an advanced cockpit suite.

Aircraft Data
ICAO Code: BE40
  • Manufacture: Hawker Beechcraft
  • Class: Jet
  • Crew: 2
  • Passengers: 7-9 passengers
  • Engines: 2
  • Max Speed: 468 knots (866 km/h, 539 mph)
  • MTOW: 16,100 lb (7,303 kg)
  • Max Range: 1, 693 nmi (3,135 km)
  • Max Flight Level: 45,000 ft

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RocketRoute added advanced performance data for the following profiles:

  • Climb (High Speed 250 KIAS, Normal 220 KIAS)
  • Cruise (Long Range, High Speed, Cruise Mach 0.73, Single Engine Normal)
  • Descent (High Speed, Low Speed)
  • Holding (140 Kias, 160 KIAS)
  • Mass and Balance

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