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Cessna Citation Sovereign 680



The Cessna Citation Sovereign is an American mid-size business jet developed by Cessna. It is currently the second largest member of the Citation product line in terms of take-off weight, with only the Citation X having roughly 6000 lbs greater take-off weight. The Sovereign is considered a transcontinental aircraft with the capability to fly Los Angeles to Hawaii greater than 98% of the time, while complying with ETOPS requirements, and is used primarily for corporate travel.

The Sovereign is based on the Excel’s fuselage and shares some common systems but features an all new wing and numerous other differences.

The Sovereign is equipped with a Honeywell Epic CDS avionics suite, with four 20 x 25 cm color flat panel liquid crystal displays, a digital dual channel autopilot and flight detector, dual long range navigation systems and dual attitude/heading reference systems. Other standard equipment will include TCAS and an EGPWS (enhanced ground proximity warning system).


  • Powerplants : Two 5690lb  Pratt & Whitney Canada PW-306C turbofans
  • Dimensions : Wing span 19.24m, Length – 18.87 m, Height  – 5.85 m, Wing area – 47.4 m2
  • Capacity: 2 pilots, typical seating for eight passengers in a double club arrangement, max seating for 12
Aircraft Data
ICAO Code: C680
  • Manufacture: Cessna
  • Class: Jet
  • Crew: 2
  • Passengers: 12
  • Engines: 2
  • Max Speed: 457 kts/ 846 kmh
  • MTOW: 30,000 lbs / 13,608 kg
  • Time to Climb: 26 min.
  • Max Range: 2,847 nm / 5, 273 km

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RocketRoute added advanced performance data for the following profiles:

  • Cruise (Intermediate Anti-Ice On, Intermediate Cruise Anti-Ice Off, Maximum Range Cruise Anti-Ice Off, Maximum Range Cruise Anti-Ice On, Maximum Thrust Cruise Anti-Ice On,  Maximum Thrust Cruise Anti-Ice Off)
  • Climb (Cruise Climb 250 KIAS Anti-Ice On, Cruise Climb 250 KIAS Anti-Ice Off)
  • Descent (Normal Descent Anti-Ice On, Normal Descent Anti-Ice Off, High speed Descent Anti-ice On, High speed Descent Anti-ice Off)
  • Holding (Holding Anti-Ice On, Holding Anti-Ice Off)
  • Single Engine Intermediate Cruise, Single Engine Maximum Range Cruise, Single Engine Maximum Thrust Cruise
  • Mass & Balance

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