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Heavy Fines For Aircraft Operators Who Exceed Noise Levels At Brussels Airport BRU/EBBR From 1 JAN 2017

26 December 2016 by  | 


From 1 Jan 2017, the Brussels Capital Region Government will stringently adhere to noise measures. Departing aircraft that exceed the established noise levels when flying noise abatement procedures from the assigned runways (SIDs) will start to incur fines which can vary from 900 to 1350 Euro per event.

The Brussels Airport Authority is responsible for measuring aircraft noise at locations on the ground and will notify airlines when they have deviated from assigned SIDs and to notify when set noise levels have been exceeded.


Since 2000 during the daytime it is legally allowed to surpass the set noise levels by 9 dB(A) and during the night time by 6 dB(A). Per 1 Jan 2017, these noise margins will not be applicable anymore.

Way forward

From the technical point of view, the IATA SFO office will recommend to possibly tackle the issue by organising a consultation meeting between representatives of the ANSPs BelgoControl, the BRU airport authority and of IATA / Airspace Users (AUs) to discuss any notified SID deviations and exceeded noise levels that may occur after 1 Jan 2017.
This could be a handle to counteract the burden on AUs and to avoid noise violations and consequently fines.

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