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Plan & Dispatch

Modernize your operation with cloud based flight planning

Enterprise grade flight planning and dispatch for high volume operations.

Plan & Dispatch

Modernize your operation with cloud based flight planning

Enterprise grade flight planning and dispatch for high volume operations.


Enterprise Grade, High Availability

RocketRoute Airline can modernize and transform an airline’s operation.

Built on the latest cloud technology, the system allows flight plans to be prepared across multiple offices and dispatched to crews anywhere in the world. Crew briefing packs can be printed, sent to our mobile apps or can be synchronized with 3rd party EFBs.

RocketRoute brings a fresh and modern approach to streamline business processes, saving time and saving money.

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High Volume Schedules

Powered with Smart Macros

Dispatching a hundred or more flights per day requires a steamlined system.

RocketRoute is the perfect solution. It connects with leading 3rd party scheduling software products and can import schedules daily, weekly, monthly. Once imported Smart Macros generate Draft or File Flight plans to your requirements. For example prepare and file flight plans automatically 6 hours prior to departure.

Further, Airline Editions provides an intuitive Flight Schedule view and menu to control import and plan generation. From there dispatch takes just a few minutes per plan. Once filed our Flight Board provides a dynamic and continuously updated view of the status of each flight putting Flight Operations in 100% control, 100% of the time.

Robust And Secure

Cloud Technology

RocketRoute operates an advanced, high availability, IT System.

Our servers are from the world’s leading server company, Rackspace.

Every day our system is accessed by thousands of users. Weekly, we process many thousands of flights.

Large airline customers are set-up on a separate system to that of our Private and Business customers. For larger Airlines, RocketRoute operates, higher levels of change control, data backups and security. Contact our sales team for further details.

High Volume

Flight Planning And Dispatch

Running a busy airline means every day processing and dispatching several hundred flights.

RocketRoute connects to 3rd Party Scheduling Software and generates draft plans ready to dispatch and release.

Whether you operate preferred routes or prepare daily optimized routings, RocketRoute can meet your needs and volume demands.

In Sync with You

One System – Everything Integrated

RocketRoute is one simple and elegantly designed system combining:

Flight Planning, ICAO Flight Plan Filing, Dispatch, Crew Briefings, Weather, NOTAMs, Airport Information, Plates, Runway Performance and Flight Tracking.

RocketRoute can be used anywhere, from any device.

Crew and office staff are always in sync and have crtical data at their finger-tips in realtime.

Optimized Routing

Save Time, Money and Boost Profits

Autoroute was first developed to build efficient routes in Europe that manage the 30,000+ RAD Restrictions in operation during any one day.

AutoRoute today has grown to become a sophisticated, fully worldwide, routing solution.

With one click the system analyses all the available airway structures, your selected aircraft performance profile. AutoRoute then performs tens of thousands of calculations in seconds to find the optimal routing, minimising flight time.

Wind and fuel burn by flight level are also available to fine-tune the optimal route.

Collaborate More

Streamline Your Business

RocketRoute empowers your business to be more agile and flexible. Office staff and prepare and file flight plans. Crew can synchronize their tablets or print their emails with updated flights and briefing packs. Crew can delay/bring forward flights (if desired). Office teams retain complete visibility on all flights (RFL or FPL).

Flight Planning Features

Perfect Briefings

Build Concise Briefings for Busy Crews

We understand that clarity and conciseness of information is essential to busy crews. For every flight a Rocket Pack can be printed, e-mailed, faxed or viewed on mobile, iPad or laptop. Updated hourly for latest weather, all our reports have been developed and refined over years from processing thousands of flight plans and continuous pilot feedback.

Customisable contents:

  • Flight Log – Ops ready, multiple templates
  • Enroute Chart – Route specific print out
  • METAR and TAF Narrow Route Briefing
  • NOTAM Narrow Route Briefing
  • Winds Aloft Horizontal and Vertical profiling
  • Icing
  • Significant weather
  • Surface weather
  • ICAO Format Flight Plan
  • Attach/Upload any Document
  • Add own branding

Jet & Turbo Prop Ready

Aircraft Performance, Mass & Balance, Cabin Configurations

RocketRoute has an advanced aircraft performance model suitable for operating Jets and Turbo Props. The system can be adapted to your specific aircraft operating needs. Further, the system supports multiple cabin configurations per aircraft and mass and balance analysis with max and minimum fuel requirements.

Business Support

We’re here, ready to help

RocketRoute provides the highest levels of support to fit the demands of airlines and operators. We provide telephone and email support with technical, operational and flight planning support functions.

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Easy Integration

Connect with 3rd Party Systems

Our applications are easy to connect with – such as for rosters, maintenance or accounting. We provide integrations on a project basis. Contact our business team for further details.

Smart Flight Optimization

Reduce your fuel burn

RocketRoute is designed to help users save their time and money. Optimize feature analyzes route and calculates fuel burns at a range of Flight Levels for the duration of the flight. Use it to cross-check against your original planned FL to see if you can save fuel by re-planning and filing a different Flight Level.

Fast Start

Maximum benefit, zero cost

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