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Take Control

Super-charge your flight operations

One integrated system for Flight Planning, Filing, Dispatch, Crew Briefing, Tracking and more.

Take Control

Super-charge your flight operations

One integrated system for Flight Planning, Filing, Dispatch, Crew Briefing, Tracking and more.

RocketRoute Business

Designed for Jets and Turbo Props

Packed with the all the features a modern flight operation needs. Built on cloud technology that can be used from any location and any device.

Simple pricing, proven, secure and reliable. Rocketroute has processed over 1 million routes for customers and is used by hundreds of businesses around the world.


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Powerful Web Planning

Designed for Jets and Turbo Props

Log in with any Internet browser and go. RocketRoute comes with all of the advanced features that an experienced Dispatcher, Chief Pilot or Planner will look for in a solution.

The system has been used to plan millions of flights. We are confident you will enjoy its design, simplicity and the quality of its briefings.

Accurate Fuel Burns

Get Your Flight Logs Right

Accurate Flight Logs are at the heart of the RocketRoute system.

We upload an aircraft’s complete Operating Handbook covering all stages of flight and power settings.

Bias allows fine-tuning to match actual burns.

Winds and temperature forecasts are included, using the RocketRoute Worldwide 5 day Forecast Model.

Finally, RocketRoute also incorporates SID/STAR procedures, Transition and TEC routings, Taxi and Holding Fuel.

In Sync with You

One System – Everything Integrated

RocketRoute is one simple and elegantly designed system combining:

Flight Planning, ICAO Flight Plan Filing, Dispatch, Crew Briefings, Weather, Notams, Airport Information, Plates, Runway Performance and Flight Tracking.

RocketRoute can be used anywhere, from any device.

Crew and office staff are always in sync and have crtical data at their finger-tips in realtime.


Optimized Routing

Save Time, Money and Boost Profits

Autoroute was first developed to build efficient routes in Europe that manage the 30,000+ RAD Restrictions in operation during any one day.

AutoRoute today has grown to become a sophisticated, fully worldwide, routing solution.

With one click the system analyses all the available airway structures, your selected aircraft performance profile. AutoRoute then performs tens of thousands of calculations in seconds to find the optimal routing, minimising flight time.

Wind and fuel burn by flight level are also available to fine-tune the optimal route.

Crew Briefings

Comprehensive, Concise, Accurate

Crews, planners and dispatchers need clarity and concise information.

RocketRoute briefings have everything you need plus some extra innovations!

Our briefings have been refined over many years by processing hundreds of thousands of flights and continuous customer feedback.

When preparing your Crew Briefing select from any of the following contents:

Flight Log (multiple templates)
Enroute Chart
Passenger Master Ticket
METAR / TAF Enroute
NOTAM Enroute
Winds Aloft Horizontal and Vertical profiling
Significant weather
Surface weather
ICAO Format Flight Plan
Attach/Upload any Other Document
Add own branding

Telephone Support

Ready to help when you need us

RocketRoute is designed as a self-service system. However, if you need assistance our dedicated support team are on standby to help you.

We operate a 24×7 telephone service that can manage support and operational issues.

Contact our support team by this link today.

Mobilize Crews

Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry

RocketRoute provides one of the most advanced mobile apps available on the market for managing flight plans on the go.

Everything you need to keep an operation agile and one step ahead of your end-customer needs.

For example, prepare and file flight plans straight from your phone. Manage an active flight plan with Delay, Cancel, Bring Forward and Change functions.

Download latest weather updates and flight briefings for off-line use. With RocketRoute everything is at your finger-tips.

Improve Situational Awareness

iPad and Android Tablet Apps

RocketRoute Business includes iPad and Tablet apps with built-in Moving-Map functions to help Crews stay informed, complementing the cockpit avoinics.

Ideal for offline use, these apps also store Flight Briefings, Airport Plates and Enroute Charts.

Everything is maintained in sync and follows an AIRAC cycle for worldwide usage.

Library of Airport Data

AIP, Approaches, Departures and more

RocketRoute has an integrated library of airport plates (published by country CAAs and 3rd parties).

These plates provide a valuable, low cost, resource to assist planners and dispatchers in quick reference data on airports, departure and arrival procedures.

Over 50,000 documents are available, covering many countries around the world. All documents are maintained following the AIRAC cycle.

RocketRoute can be setup to include airport plates with flight briefing packs. Plates may also be installed on mobile and tablet devices for offline use.

Flight Log Templates

Wide choice, Customisation Available

RocketRoute has built a range of ‘best practice’ flight logs suitable for jet operations. Choose a design that fits your operations.

A customisation service is available to build new templates to match specific design and information needs.

Set SIDs and STARs

Increase Flight Log Accuracy

RocketRoute allows SIDs, STARs, Transition and Tec routes to be integrated into a Flight Log. They are displayed visually during the planning stage and can be used to help increased the planned fuel requirements.

ETOPS and Departure Alternate

Long range planning

Available Shortly: RocketRoute provides an easy to use tool for graphically selecting ETOPS airports. ETPs are inserted into the Flight Log and an separate ETOPS weather and briefing is appended.

The RocketRoute system calculates ETOPS based on Single Engine and Drift Down performance capabilities of the selected aircraft.

For airline operations, a similar feature is also available for selecting Departure Alternates based on Single Engine performance.

5 Day Wind & Temp Forecast

Worldwide Coverage

To support accurate Flight Log planning, RocketRoute has developed a full 5 day worldwide wind and temperature forecast. Flight logs are re-generated hourly to keep the briefing fresh right up until departure.

RocketRoute uses GFS: the same raw global weather source as used by more expensive flight planning systems. Temperature is available in ISA and Celsius.

Filtered NOTAMs

Airports, FIRs, Natracks, Snowtams

RocketRoute maintains a worldwide database of current NOTAMs, as published by the FAA and Eurocontrol. NATRACK NOTAMS and SNOWTAMs are also integrated.

NOTAMs are filtered to highlight important notices. NOTAM information is available via the graphic user interface, flight briefings and by airport search.

Country Avoidance

Flight Plan Around Countries

Available Shortly: Operators may not wish to over-fly certain countries due to war, airway charges or obtaining permits.

RocketRoute lets you manage a list of countries you can avoid when AutoRouting. AutoRouter allows a planner to enter up to two waypoints to route via in order to avoid specific parts of airspace (if desired).

AC-U-KWIK Directory

Airport FBOs & Handlers

AC-U-KWIK is the recognised leader in providing information on FBOs and Handlers around the world.

RocketRoute integrates this data into Flight Briefings that are sent to Crew and into the Airport directory sections of the RocketRoute system. This is ideal for planners, dispatchers and for pilots on the go, visiting different airports every month.

Runway Performance From APG

Upload and Go

Operators needing to complete a full runway performance analysis prior to departure can upload reports from APG in a few clicks and integrate into the RocketRoute briefing packs.

RocketRoute keeps each briefing pack complete post flight for record keeping and post flight analysis.

Real-time Flight Tracking

Stay informed every step of the way

RocketRoute has integrated with Eurocontrol to provide real-time tracking of IFR flights in Europe. This feature comes as standard with business memberships.

USA/FAA connection will follow soon.

RocketRoute also provides services to connect with satellite providers such as Satcom Direct. We are able to process location updates and display to a customers account.

Full Data Storage & Archive

Be Ready for Your Annual Inspection

RocketRoute stores all your flight history securely in the Internet ‘Cloud’.

RocketRoute stores all flight briefings for up to 6 years, meeting the needs of the most stringent CAAs. Post flight you can also append related documents to build a single integrated archive of your flight data.


Yankee, Zulu, VFR

Flexibility to plan any flight

RocketRoute is a complete flight planning tool that include VFR planning as well. This provides operators with the flexibility to construct hybrid flight plans for example VFR-IFR or IFR-VFR into smaller airfields.

Other useful features include STAY commands useful for reconnassance and handling of non-airports such as ‘ZZZZ’ locations (handy for helicopter operators).

Open Systems Integration

Connect with 3rd Party Applications

The RocketRoute system is fully setup to allow rapid development and integration with 3rd party software systems. We publish all our Application Interfaces APIs and support an active community of 3rd party software vendors that connect and use our software. If you require a 3rd party application integration, contact our sales team.

Flight Optimization

Reduce your fuel burn

Optimize analyzes your route and calculates your fuel burns at a range of Flight Levels for the duration of the flight. Use it to cross-check against your original planned FL to see if you can save fuel by re-planning and filing a different Flight Level.

Fast Start

Maximum benefit, zero cost

Upgrade your existing RocketRoute Trial to Business today. Our support team will help you setup everything to make your trial run smoothly.

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