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Welcome to RocketRoute Code Samples. This provides everything a developer needs to understand the APIs available from RocketRoute.

API Library


Make sure you have obtained your credentials that will be needed by the APIs.

1. User Account

Sign-Up at www.rocketroute.com for a user account. Note your Username and Password. The API web services will use these credentials later.

2. API Key

In addition, an API MD5 app key is required. You can obtain one for free by requesting it via email to sales@rocketroute.com.


The following are LIVE URLs are to be used for production systems:

The following are DEVELOPMENT URLs are to be used for development and testing:

All development and testing MUST be made on the development system.

Please note that APIs are continually being upgraded and expanded.

Upgrades are run as parallel versions of the API under a standardised URL as a WSDL service such as api.rocketroute.com/wx/v1/service.wsdl.

There are a number of functions that need to be called via SOAP XML as PUT/GET by passing the request in XML structure in a variable (this variable is usually “req”).

Sandbox Testing

RocketRoute provides a test website where you can test various API calls using your own API key. This page can be found at:


Developers wishing to test raw XML code, RocketRoute provides an additional test portal at:


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