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 The API allows filtering flights by status. The API would be good if you are interested in the historic flights. Further you need to filter on STAGE=closed (this means the flight was flown and was not cancelled).

Version Control

This version of API was updated on June 2, 2015.


Request: https://fly.rocketroute.com/remote/plans


<?xml version=”1.0″?>





    <STATUS>draft</STATUS> <!– Optional; can be “active”, “historic”, “draft”. Or do not transmit to return all plans –>

     <PAGESIZE>10</PAGESIZE> <!– Optional, 100 by default –>

     <PAGE>1</PAGE> <!– Page number, starting from 1, optional, 1 by default –>



<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
















     <ROUTE>DCT 4949N02401E DCT</ROUTE>








     <FIELD18>RMK/FILED BY +441273782130 REG/DHTDM DEP/4949N02401E Start DEST/4949N02401E End RMK/CREW CONTACT 380681900807 </FIELD18>



     <FIELD19>E/ P/1 N/CREW CONTACT NUMBER +380681900807 C/OLEK</FIELD19>




-N0100VFR DCT 4949N02401E DCT


-DEP/4949N02401E START DEST/4949N02401E END DOF/150513  REG/DHTDM RMK/FILED BY +441273782130 CREW CONTACT 380681900807

-E/ P/1 N/CREW CONTACT NUMBER +380681900807 C/OLEK)</RTE>









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