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File & Go

File a Flight Plan with just a call when you refuel with Air BP

Today, RocketRoute has launched a new service for the General Aviation industry in partnership with Air BP.

Pilots and operators that fuel with Air BP and fly in Europe can now call in a flight plan by phone 24 x 7.

This promotion is available for an initial period of 15th September – 14th October.

Try it today by calling:


UK: +44 1273 782 130
DE: +49 4161 2063 86
FR: +33 970 448 557
AT: +43 720 883 147

How to Use File & Go


1. You intend to fly in Europe and need to file a flight plan.

2. You have either just fueled or intend to fuel with Air BP.

3. Call us using the numbers above.

4. Provide details of your flight.

5. We will prepare and file the flight plan for you.

6. When complete you will receive a Mobile Text confirmation and complementary Flight Briefing Pack.



– You do not need to be a member of RocketRoute to use this service.

– You should have your Air BP Sterling Card account or card details available.

– You can use the service if you are not an Air BP Sterling Card customer already but are willing to open an account.

– Service covers both IFR and VFR flight plans.

– One flight plan filing per fueling. Filing a flight plan also includes support if you need to Delay, Cancel or Bring Forward a flight.

– By using the service you are accepting the Terms and Conditions of File & Go service (see below).

– Be ready to provide the following details for the flight plan: Aircraft Type, Colour, Registration, Equipment.

– Departure, Destination and Alternate airport.

– Date, time of departure.

– Preferred routing (RocketRoute can provide a routing if required).

What is a Flight Plan?


A Flight Plan originally was a paper form that was completed at the departure airport or faxed. The details were then re-keyed into an electronic system and transmitted to the relevant airports and enroute authorities.

Today RocketRoute offers a simple electronic way to file the flight plan using any web PC/Laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

With File and Go, you can now just call us and we will prepare and send the flight plan for you.

Flying to Non-Air BP Locations


You can check Air BP locations here.


If you would like to use the File & Go service for a flight not covered by Air BP, RocketRoute can provide the service for a fee of 12€/sector.

Payment can be taken over the phone.

Please read full terms and conditions here

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