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What is Flight Planning

Introduction to Flight Planning

Flight Planning Software

Flight planning is essentially planning, mapping out and understanding all the criteria, materials and routes of a flight that you are undertaking. Flying is not like driving a car, you need to be prepared, you need to know exactly the route you are taking and plan maticulously what happens when you arrive, land and depart the destination. One of the most important factors in flight planning is fuel consumption, every pilot should study their flight planning with caution as aircrafts fuel consumption is very high indeed and so planning the route and taking the fastest route possible is worth a lot of money

How Flight Planning with RocketRoute works

Now we know the importance of flight planning lets look at why you should use RocketRoute flight planning software to plan your routes. RocketRoute is fast, easy to use and extremely accurate for flight planning, it also has many added features which mean you can plan your whole trip using RocketRoute. You can prepare your route, track it in your flight log, organise your landing slot and ground handling while also booking your taxi and hotel for your stay all from one place. That said, make no mistake in thinking that RocketRoute isn’t about flying, the main focus of the software is to give every pilot the ability to be mobile in their route planning and go the extra mile in making sure this is fast, easy to use and accurate.

Why Should I Use RocketRoute for Flight Planning

Not only does RocketRoute excel in flight planning but it offers the pilot all the added extras they could possibly need and more that will mean that you always use RocketRoute for flight planning for every flight.

Articles related to flight planning

1.Flight Planning and Emergencies

Flight planning overview

An excellent flight planning system is an essential part of life for pilots. The rules and regulations for pilots are extremely stringent and if pilots are not able to secure a good, reliable planning system then this can spell trouble either during their flights or upon landing, this is because flight planning does not begin and end with the flight but also includes some aspects of aftercare. Our airways are more crowded than they have ever been in the history of commercial flying and so services which support our pilots must be extremely reliable and well organised in order to ensure the safety of all involved. When we consider all of the many aspects a good flight plan involves, perhaps the most important could be the issue of fuel planning. Pilots need to be safe in the knowledge that their craft is supplied with plenty of fuel; enough to make the scheduled journey and also enough to include any emergencies which could occur. Weather can be unreliable, especially when crossing continents and all the predictions in the world cannot be accurate 100% of the time, this is part of the reason that extra fuel must be considered in case bad weather conditions force a pilot to circle for longer than expected before landing or even to make a journey to an airport further away. As aircrafts flight capabilities are affected by wind speed, the weather is a very important factor in flight planning; with fuel consumption being a major factor.

Flight planning necessities

Other details for pilots to consider regarding flight planning are factors such as extra passengers who may not have been accounted for when the original plan was formed and also luggage or cargo which may either weigh more than anticipated or have been loaded at the last minute; extra weight can seriously affect an aircrafts fuel consumption and so forward thinking and extra allowances are extremely important. Sometimes the chosen flight paths are overcrowded and so the craft must fly at a height which uses more fuel than lower altitude would necessitate.

Other flight planning challenges

Finding an alternative airport is an important factor in good flight planning; there are many situations where a different airport other than the original is needed. Emergencies on the ground are an uncommon but potential source of disruption which can make an alternative landing destination a much needed option. Although rare, the situations which could make landing at the first choice of airport necessary include security emergencies, fire and evacuation due to natural disaster. More usual causes of aircraft being unable to land are bad weather which causes visibility problems and also simple technical problems with lighting or power. Because alternative airports need to be a significant distance from the original choice due to the common cause of weather difficulties, the need for extra fuel is vital. Circling above the alternative airport is another factor to consider when working out an extra fuel allowance as an unexpected or unscheduled landing may upset the airports system. Flight planning needs to be very detailed to cover all eventualities.

2.The Best Flight Planning

Flight planning

No matter whether a flight is private or commercial there is one very important detail to be considered before the aircraft leaves the ground! Flight planning is a vitally important part of any journey and prior to take-off there are many details to be arranged. Some of the major points to be considered in a plan are fuel, weather and route; these details must be worked out to the best advantage in order to conserve fuel and to enable the aircraft to take the safest, fastest route available. Smaller airlines often use outside companies to arrange their flight planning service whilst larger companies may well have an internal system to rely on. Apart from security and safety, another concern when arranging a flight plan is that of cash saving strategies; fuel costs are high and so it is a real concern for all agencies to attempt to save fuel where possible and this is where flight plans can be indispensable. There are many ways in which a great plan can save on fuel, not least by accurate weather prediction. Favourable weather conditions can really assist in ensuring that an aircraft makes its journey with the least possible fuel usage. Because all flights need to carry not only enough fuel to complete their journey but also a reserve amount to ensure that the craft can fly further afield if needed, the amounts of fuel must be worked out to the closest possible gallon. It should be remembered that predictions are exactly that…predictions; they are not facts and the weather is of course apt to change suddenly and with little or no warning. Flight planning can however go a long way towards avoiding unnecessary costs and most importantly unnecessary risks.

Flight planning and safety

There can be no doubt as far as the importance of careful and accurate calculations regarding fuel consumption are concerned; in some situations it can be expected that an aircraft circle over the airport for quite significant periods of time; this can be for various reasons including an emergency on the ground or a broken-down craft on the ground and of course due to low lying fog or other bad weather conditions. When this occurs it is of utmost importance that there is adequate fuel on board for the aircraft to remain airborne. Good flight planning can deduce by intricate calculations the amount of extra fuel which could be required in any given situation. In some instances, aircraft have met with unexpected situations in far-flung or isolated areas and it is then, again that accurate plans are invaluable. The calculations needed to ensure that all of these details are considered, are vast. Once upon a time they were done by hand and would take many hours to complete. As flight planning programmes are now widely available, the risk of inaccuracy is now at an all time low and so flying is safer than ever before. The safety of all concerned is a vital component of any good flight plan and with this in mind, modern flight plans are constructed with great care and expertise.

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