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Briefing Packs

Pre-flight Briefing Packs for Pilots

One more of RocketRoute’s great features are the briefing packs that are generated containing all the essential information needed before take-off. Our system enables pilots to request changes and updates to the briefing pack at any point before take-off that can be changed via email or fax.

Each briefing pack is customised for each user’s individual flight plan and includes all manner of necessary subjects, for example: Flight log, METAR/TAF, NOTAM, ICAO flight plan form, Approach plates

Briefing Packs

RocketRoute have customised the software in order to ease the time, effort and work involved in planning a flight and our briefing packs are the essence of what we do for our users. In the customised briefing pack is everything from weather reports, approach plates and flight logs. Each pack makes the next flight just that little bit easier to plan, something we pride ourselves on.

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