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Filing IFR Flight Plans

Discover quicker, simpler flight plan filing

IFR Flight Plans

Filing a IFR flight plan is something that all pilots looking to fly IFR need to do; traditionally this has been done by completing the ICAO flight planning form and handing it in to the departure tower at your local aerodrome which is both time consuming and painstaking especially if you’re in a foreign airport but RocketRoute are here to make that process a lot simpler, quicker and easier for you.

RocketRoute connects directly to ATFN’s global messaging network and so flight plans submitted by us are done in real-time to Eurocontrol and a response is provided back in return. For VFR flight plans we send them directly to the relevant FIR’s and ATC’s, RocketRoute then provides the user with positive confirmation.

Filing IFR flight plans is just part of RocketRoute’s collection of time and money saving pilot aids, the software is easy to use, fast and ultimately saves precious time on your journey and saves money on fuel by delivering the perfect journey plan with all the trimmings!

Download our free trial of RocketRoute and see the vast array of support that it can provide for each and every flight.

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