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Ready To Go

When You Are

RocketRoute is your perfect companion for flying IFR and VFR in Europe, N America and Worldwide.

Ready To Go

When You Are

RocketRoute is your perfect companion for flying IFR and VFR in Europe, N America and Worldwide.

RocketRoute Pro & Basic

Easy to Use And Unlimited

Designed for Piston and Turbo Prop pilots flying IFR and VFR privately.

Combines in one service: flight planning, navigation, charts, plates and filing.

With Unlimited Filing and Briefings, all you have to do is enjoy the flying.

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Easy As 1-2-3

Fast and Intuitive

RocketRoute is built around the principles of being easy to use and fast. We follow a 3 step process:

1. Prepare your Route.

2. Load Fuel, Check M&B, Select Crew.

3. Check, File and Go.

RocketRoute is really that straight forward. If you are flying your weekly commute in the next 20 minutes or planning your life long ambition tour into Africa, RocketRoute keeps it simple, easy and informative.

Go Mobile

File, Delay, Bring Forward

The RocketRoute Apps make filing and managing your flight plans, simple and straight forward from your mobile device.

We put you in direct control of your flight plan from your mobile phone or tablet. Delay, Cancel and Bring Forward your active IFR or VFR flight.

Add SLOTs, receive SMS text message conifrmations and use the app to check the latest weather and NOTAMs.

Our Apps are designed for iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

Plan in HD 

Web Based Flight Planner

It you like using a big screen for flight planning, you will LOVE the RocketRoute web app.

We put all the vital information you need for planning at your finger-tips. We support multiple languages. The apps integrate Planning, Airport, Weather and Aircraft.

Our Web App is designed to work on Macs, iPads, PCs, Chromebooks, Tablets – almost any device with a web browser.


Does The Hard Work For You

Press AutoRouter and the system instantly performs tens of thousands of calculations every few seconds to find the best route to fly.

AutoRoute works worldwide for IFR routings.

If you fly in Europe, AutoRoute goes further and tests its own routes against the Eurocontrol RAD. It then automatically corrects the route as necessary to become valid. AutoRoute even Pre-Validates the route so its ready to file on the next click.

AutoRoute can switch seamlessly between IFR, Y or Z routings, giving you incredible flexibility to plan your route quickly and efficiently.

Save yourself time and stress – just AutoRoute.

Moving Map

Navigation And Planning In One

RocketRoute’s iPad and Android Tablet App combine everything that you need, when you are on the move.

Integrated IFR moving map provides worldwide coverage and is updated following the monthly AIRAC cycle.

When in-flight the App provides Track, Speed, Altitude and overlays of cities and towns to help boost situational awareness.

Professional Briefings

Get Organized Before Flight

RocketRoute generates a professional briefing pack, updated hourly and designed for pilots flying piston or turbo prop aircraft.

Each section provides concise and accurate information relevant to a flight. Briefings can be printed, e-mailed, faxed or viewed on mobile, iPad or laptop.

All our reports have been developed and refined over years from processing thousands of flight plans and continuous pilot feedback.

Pack Contents:

  • Flight Log
  • Enroute chart
  • METAR and TAF Narrow Route Briefing
  • NOTAM Route Briefing
  • Winds Aloft Horizontal and Vertical profiling
  • Icing
  • Significant weather
  • Surface weather
  • Flight Plan
  • Upload/Attach documents

Airport Plates DataBase

50,000+ Docs

RocketRoute provides access to a library of over 5

50,000 airport plates made available by the national providers and private companies.

All information is neatly indexed for quick access in-flight and during planning.

Documents are automatically updated for changes following the AIRAC cycle. If using our mobile and tablet apps, documents are updated and refreshed with 1 click.

Contents include:

  • AIP Documents
  • Arrival Procedures
  • Departure Procedures
  • Approach Details
  • VFR Plates


Airport Plates can be set to be emailed whenever you file your flight plan. They can also be downloaded and even faxed directly to your hotel from the RocketRoute system.

Piston And T. Prop Ready

Fuel Burns Loaded

RocketRoute is used by thousands of pilots. We have hundreds of aircraft models already setup and ready to go. With fuel burns pre-loaded.

Turbo Prop pilots can choose either the Private Membership or may like to cross over to our Business Memberships with advanced features for operating Turbines.



Filing, Planning & Briefings

With RocketRoute there is no need to wory about any extra hidden charges. Everything is included with your membership.

Fly as often as you like, as far as you like.

We offer Unlimited Filing on all IFR and VFR Flights.

(Mobile Text Alerts are subject to fair-use policy.)


VFR Editor

Drag & Draw As Standard

RocketRoute comes with a comprehensive VFR route editor. Use this tool for pure VFR planning or VFR sections of your Y, Z flights. VFR Editor includes a drag/draw on chart functions and integrates seamlessly. RocketRoute also supports ZZZZ locations and can be uploaded with your preferred VRPs.

WorldWide IFR Coverage

Upper & Lower Airways

RocketRoute uses the same original data sources as used by the other long established Flight Planning providers.

RocketRoute processes, audits and prepares this data in order to generate our very own and reliable source of NavData.

The provides HUGE benefit to our members. It means we know and understand the data. It also means we do not pay a high 3rd party licensing fee and pass that saving on to our members with attractive pricing.

File With Confidence

Auto Addressing of Flight Plans

RocketRoute takes away the worry over addressing your flight plan to the correct authorities.

Every week we process many thousands of flight plans for members flying in Europe, USA, Canada and the rest of the world.

At the heart of RocketRoute is one of the world’s most advanced filing platforms. Capable of address IFR, VFR, Yankee and Zulu plans and accommodating many of the non-standardised filing rules that are adopted around the world.

RocketRoute was also the first company to connect with Eurocontrol and begin to file flight plans via their modern XML platform. Our knowledge and expertise in Flight Plan Filing is among the worlds best aviation companes.

Real-time Flight Tracking

Stay informed every step of the way

RocketRoute has integrated with Eurocontrol to provide real-time tracking of IFR flights in Europe.

This feature is available for Piston and Turbo Prop Aircraft only on Private Memberships.

USA/FAA connection will follow soon.


We Are Here To Help

At RocketRoute we have our own Operations Team to monitor flights and to assist Members when required.

For Private Members, Telephone and E-mail support is available with Pro Membership. E-mail Only support is available for Standard Membership.

As a Pro Member telephone our Ops Team if you need help with routing or have queries when flying into an unfamiliar country.

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