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RocketRoute is literally taking off like a rocket, but we don’t always have our heads in the clouds. We listen intently to any feedback from our members. We add, prioritise and challenge the way we offer our business to make RocketRoute the best it can be.


“I’ve found using RocketRoute Fuel’s service quick and easy. Particularly checking fuel prices by location. When I have requested a fuel release, the fueler has been ready and waiting when I arrived.”

David Hayman

Founder, CEO and Chief Pilot of Aeris Aviation Limited

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“RocketRoute provides a really simple service that is perfect for my needs. Its flight log provides a full list of all navigation waypoints which I use enroute.”

Ruchir Guptr

IFR Pilot, Flying Executive Jets in Europe

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Ruchir Guptr

“RocketRoute is invaluable to an American that is used to filing /G (GPS) “Direct” for routing, and frequently getting it! In Europe, the whole process is a completely different and your product has saved me!”

Robert Lerman

IFR Pilot, Flying as a Tourist in Europe

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Robert Lerman

“RocketRoute has proved to me that it is an invaluable tool for planning and filing IFR flight plans on the go.”

Morgan Wirth

IFR Pilot Flying for Business

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Morgan Wirth

“All our instructors and students at TAAUK find it the best way to plan and file for IFR and VFR flights. Saving a lot of valuable time.”

John Page

Flight Instructor

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John Page

“As a VFR Pilot I don’t file flight plans very often but RocketRoute makes it very easy and convenient when I do need it.”

Mike Azlen

PPL Pilot Flying VFR

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Mike Azlen

“AOPA France is always looking to find new products for members. Sometimes, it is not the latest avionics package that comes to our attention. While facing the ever increasing complication in flight planning and flight plan filing, European pilots start to wonder if they will be able to continue to find legal routes for IFR flight plans in the Eurocontrol maze. AOPA France is really happy to recommend RocketRoute as a easy to use system to assist their members in planning, filing and collecting the necessary data for the flights (IFR or VFR). AOPA France feels that there are many benefits to using the system, even if it is not free. Accountability for the service from the provider being one of the main reasons. AOPA France has tested extensively the system over a long period and is totally satisfied with the service, the support and by the way that the principals of RocketRoute have taken on board suggestions made by the testers. Therefore, AOPA France has chosen to recognize RocketRoute as one of its preferred aviation products.”

AOPA France

“I am pretty sure I will change to RocketRoute due to the much better service and response. Keep it up!”

IFR Pilot

“Flight planning and filing used to be a hassle going through heavy airway manuals to make the flight planning puzzle right. Now with internet available on a mobile phone and RocketRoute’s mobile app, my plan is set up and filed within minutes. RocketRoute is the one stop shopping tool allowing me to be airborne within minutes.”

Mr Klinkspoor

“When I first got my IR I used to send my flight plans to Heathrow by fax: they were very helpful but oh, how cumbersome. And with an FAA licence, it is practically impossible to register with NATS, so hurrah for RocketRoute! RocketRoute is truly the flight planning vehicle for the 21st century. I use it myself and as part of their IR training, my students do too!”

Ms Cullen

“Dear RocketRoute guy’s, you have created a great tool… Congratulations.”

Mr Gess

“Thanks for your fine support work!”

Mr Bulow

“May I first congratulate this new amazing tool you created…”

Mr Cordova

“Congratulations on such a great product. Keep the good work up. I’m a VFR pilot and have used RocketRoute several times and have found it very good and user friendly. I mainly RocketRoute with my iPhone and iPad which is VERY useful.”

Mr Mercer

“Recent years in aviation have seen so much progress with the introduction of GPS, Electronic flight displays, FMS and more. But still filing a flight plan in Europe remained a stone-age nightmare for general aviation pilots fighting the Eurocontrol system. Thank you RocketRoute for finally finding a user friendly and easy method of helping us pilots file a flight plan.”

Mr Dannenberg

“Thank you for your fast and to-the-point replies. Reactions like yours are really rare these days.”

Mr Dongen

“Your product – RocketRoute – is excellent and making lives of private pilots much easier.”

Mr Hora

“I find it hard to come up with words to express how fantastic RocketRoute’s service is. I only heard about you guys in November last year, since which my flying has been relatively infrequent. But I use RocketRoute every time I fly and it is truly fantastic.”

Mr William

“I use RocketRoute for VFR flight planning. Living in Alderney (Class A) I have to file a plan for all flights so the speed and ease of use of RocketRoute is welcome. As a Mac user I never managed to get AFPEX to work on my computer and I never understood why NATS had to make so complicated what the French made so simple with Olivia. I’ve particularly found the ability to plan, and more importantly modify, a plan on my iPhone useful. Decided to stay another hour or two in St Helier last weekend- simply picked up my smartphone and delayed the return leg. Simple.”

Mr White

“I tried RocketRoute with a route that had previously taken me ages to get right; a ‘Y’ plan into Rome URBE from Shannon. RocketRoute provided the right answer in seconds – very impressive!”

Mr Semier

“Since I started using RocketRoute two weeks ago, all I can say is – simply brilliant. Changed my life! Well done.”

Mr Williams – Antique Wine Company

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