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Creating & Using User Waypoints

20 February 2014

User Waypoint Example

RocketRoute has recently added a new menu “Data”. This menu will grow to store all your own personal data, preferred routes and more.

Under the Data menu you will find an update to User WayPoints. Useful for all pilots flying VFR, Yankee and Zulu flights.
How to Use
1. Select Data main menu.
2. Click on the chart and a popup will appear.
3. Adjust the position of the waypoint if required.
4. Enter details of the waypoint you require and click save.
5. Next time you prepare a flight, turn on User Waypoints via map settings.

RocketRoute will include the name of the User Waypoint on your flight log and will adjust to LatLong for flight plan filing.


User Waypoint Creation

Example popup showing the data to be entered when creating a User Waypoint.


Turning on User Waypoints

Example showing users where to turn on User Waypoints on Chart Settings.

Route showing use of a User Waypoint

Example showing how a User Waypoint as part of a route and how it is added into the Route field. Note: system will snap to the User Waypoint.


User Waypoints in Flight Log

Example showing how the User Waypoint is added to the Flight Log.


User Waypoints in ICAO Flight Plan Form

Example showing final ICAO flight plan format and how waypoint will be filed with AROs.

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