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Getting Started Guide

 |  11 December 2012

If you’re new to RocketRoute this Getting Started guide will help guide you through setup and have you ready to fly in minutes.

Getting Started Guide

Step 1: Join Free

Joining RocketRoute is completely free and takes just seconds. You don’t need to enter any payment information, just what you fly, your name and an email address.

By joining you’ll get 14 days free access to our Pro Membership allowing you file flight plans, use our VFR & IFR Route Editor and access weather services. Test RocketRoute for yourself. File a plan, fly with us and see how it goes.

Join Free

Step 2 : Liked it? Purchase a Membership Pack

There are some limitations to our free service so when your trial ends why not upgrade to one of our affordable annual memberships and unlock all of RocketRoute’s great features (including direct phone support from our 24/7 Flight Centre)

RocketRoute membership comes in Standard, Pro and Crew editions, tailored to suit the needs of private and professional pilots and airline operators. If you want a pay as you go service, simply call the Flight Centre for one-time bookings.

Membership Options

Step 3 : Get the Apps

RocketRoute isn’t just available through your PC we have dedicated apps for Apple iPhone, iPad and Google Android devices. There’s also a mobile web app which you can access from your Blackberry or Windows Phone. Discover the benefits of flight planning in your pocket by downloading the apps for free today.

Get the Apps


Need More Help?

There are lots of options for getting more help with our flight planning apps:

In-App : Get relevant help at the point where you need it from directly within the RocketRoute apps
RocketRoute Manual : Our online manual provides a comprehensive guide to all of RocketRoute’s features
Support Articles : Find answers to some of our users more frequently asked questions

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RocketRoute Manual

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