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1.1 For the purposes of this promotion (“Promotion”), Air BP Limited (company number 01150609) of Chertsey Road, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex, TW16 7BP (“BP”), is the promoter.


2.1 BP and RocketRoute are offering selected customers the opportunity to receive:

(b) one Starbucks voucher of UK £10 (“Voucher”) when they open an account with RocketRoute Fuel (for further details please see: https://fuel.rocketroute.com/login) and make their first purchase of aviation fuel from Air BP which has been ordered using the RocketRoute Fuel webpage or application, provided that the relevant purchase is made within the time periods specified below (“Qualifying Purchase”).

No minimum purchase is required.


3.1 The Voucher is available to selected customers only and will be available in respect of:

(a) Signing up for a free account (Account Opening) with web-app, RocketRoute Fuel, and

(b) a Qualifying Purchase

which is made between 9am GMT on 16th November 2016 (the “Opening Date”) to 12am GMT on 16th December 2016 (the “Closing Date”) inclusive. Account Opening and The Qualifying Purchase must be made by no later than 12am GMT on the Closing Date.

3.2 No purchase of aviation fuel made after the Closing Date shall entitle the customer to a Voucher in accordance with the terms of this Promotion.


4.1 The Promotion is available to selected customers only. The customer to whom the Promotion is addressed must, in order to receive the Voucher:

(a) hold an account with RocketRoute Fuel (for further details please see: https://fuel.rocketroute.com/login) and

(b) make a Qualifying Purchase before the Closing Date (in order to receive the Qualifying Purchase voucher);

4.2 Only one Voucher is available per selected customer for their first Qualifying Purchase, regardless of whether that customer holds several Air BP and/ or RocketRoute Fuel accounts.

4.3 The Voucher may only be used by the customer to which the Promotion is addressed.


5.1 The Voucher will be an electronic voucher (no paper voucher will be sent) and will be sent to the customer by email within 30 days of the relevant Qualifying Purchase.

5.2 The Voucher is non-negotiable and non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

5.3 The Voucher is loaded with pre-payment to be used only for the goods and services of participating Starbucks stores.

5.4 No credit card, credit line, overdraft protection or deposit account is associated with a Starbucks Card. No interest, dividends or any other earnings on funds loaded on to a Starbucks Card will accrue or be paid or credited to you by Starbucks. The value associated with the Starbucks Card is not insured or guaranteed by any person or entity.

5.5 Most Starbucks locations in the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, the Republic of Ireland and the United States of America will accept your Starbucks Card for payment.

5.6 Starbucks reserve the right not to accept any Starbucks Card or otherwise limit use of a Starbucks Card if we reasonably believe that the use is unauthorised, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful.


6.1 This Promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion, discount or voucher.


7.1 The use of RocketRoute Fuel and all purchases of aviation fuel from Air BP which are ordered using RocketRoute Fuel are in each case subject to the terms and conditions of RocketRoute and Air BP respectively, as set out on the website. Further copies are available on request.


8.1 BP may, at its sole discretion and at any time, suspend or disqualify a participant, reject any application, amend the Terms or any of them, cancel the Promotion (either in whole or for residents of a specific country or territory) substitute the Credit and/or withdraw the Credit, by reason of any event of force majeure. Participants agree that no liability shall attach to BP or any Affiliate of BP as a result of an event of force majeure and that the exercise of such discretion by BP shall not result in any compensation being payable or paid to any participant or other person. In these Terms, the expression “event of force majeure” shall mean any event affecting the performance of the Promotion or any provision of these Terms arising from or attributable to acts, events, omissions or accidents which are beyond the reasonable control of BP and/or its Affiliates, including without limitation, any abnormally inclement weather, flood, lightning, storm, explosion, earthquake, subsidence, structural damage, epidemic or other natural physical disaster, failure or shortage of power supplies, war, military operations, riot, crowd disorder, strike, lockouts or other industrial action, terrorist action, civil commotion, by reason of any legislation, regulation, ruling or omissions (including failure to grant any necessary permissions) of any relevant government, court or any competent national or international authority.


9.1 If there is any reason to believe that there has been a breach of these terms and conditions, the Promoter may, at its sole discretion, reserve the right to exclude you from participating in the Promotion.

9.2 The Promoter reserves the right to hold void, suspend, cancel, or amend Promotion where it becomes necessary to do so.

9.3 These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law, and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

9.4 All trademarks, text, images, and logos relating to BP or third parties involved in this Promotion and used in relation to it, are the exclusive property of BP or those third parties and participation in the Promotion does not confer any rights to a participant in or over or grant any right to use these.

9.5 If any of these Terms are determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, then the remaining terms and conditions shall continue in full force and effect.

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