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FlightPlan is the new standard for fast, simple and convenient flight planning for pilots, operators and airlines. This user's manual shows you how to perform the key tasks in the web-based version of the software, such as setting up your account, configuring an aircraft, and preparing and filing a flight plan. It also explains the meanings and functions of the many settings and options that are available.


Getting started

Setting up your account

Configuring an aircraft

Selecting equipment

Adding default flight data

Adding crew and passenger details

Preparing and filing a flight plan

Exporting your flight plan to other devices

Handling rejected and suspended flight plans

Managing your filed flight plan

Extra information


About this Manual

Manual Version: 1.11    Date: November 2020

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FlightPlan Release History

Release Date


2.0 November 2018 Upgraded flight planning workflow.
2.1 December 2018 Airport categories; Next Flight option.
2.2 February 2019 Additional Alternates with flight levels; NAT Track messages.
2.3 February 2019 Final Reserve Fuel calculation; passengers and baggage weight calculator.
2.4 March 2019 Flight templates.
2.5 April 2019 New crew management options; route to alternate plotted on map.
2.6 May 2019 Weather overlay added to maps
3.0 June 2019 Change messages introduced; bias option added to advanced data.
3.1 July 2019 Suspended flight plan notifications introduced.
3.2 September 2019 Configurable SLOT message settings.
3.3 October 2019 Prognostic wind charts.
3.4 November 2019 NOTAM display layer added to map.
3.5 January 2020 All Flights screen redesigned.
4.0 April 2020 EDTO introduced to replace former ETOPS calculations; crew selection added to main flight planning menu.
4.1 May 2020 Multi-sector briefing pack; target flight level differentiated from initial flight level; improved selection of routes to alternates.
4.2 June 2020 Display of routes improved when using Autoroute; vertical flight profile added to flight log.
4.3 July 2020 Flight Documents section expanded.
4.4 August 2020 Rapid route results display added to Autorouting.
4.5 September 2020 Vector wind shear calculation introduced.


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