Latest Android App release – November 2020

Upgraded designs and functionality for better performance.

The new Android App version is now available for everyone.

The main features that were added or improved are:

  • STS/RMK Functionality
  • Additional Filing Addresses
  • Field 18
  • Fix for Local Time Zones
  • Autorouter Pop-up Redesign
  • Custom Waypoints Without Designators

STS/RMK Functionality

During the QuickFile process, users can now change the status (STS) and remarks (RMK ) of their flight plan. It’s especially useful for HEMS operators needing to specify MEDEVAC or HOSP, quickly and easily.

STS and RMK functionality in the Android app.

STS and RMK functionality in the Android app.

Additional Filing Addresses

If any additional filing addresses were added through the web application during flight preparation, they will be displayed in the Additional Filing Addresses section on the QuickFile screen. The below screenshots depict correspondingly Step 1 in the Web App and the Additional Filing Addresses that were added in the mobile app.

Field 18

Saving and Filing Final Check pop-ups now display Field 18.

Field 18 in the Saving Final Check pop-up in the Android app.

Fix for Local Time Zones

Arrival at an airport within a different time zone can bring a little bit of stress due to the necessity to calculate local time. Departure and arrival times won’t be confused anymore – the app clearly shows UTC (Z, Zulu) time and local time of every departure and destination airports.

Autoroute Pop-up Redesign

The ‘Calculating Route’ pop-up has been aligned with the other re-designed screens, which makes the workflow seamless and more pleasant for a flight planner.

Custom Waypoints Without Designators

Earlier, a waypoint without a designator (added from the map to the route) has been always displayed as a bearing/distance. The latest update brings a choice to have a waypoint displayed as a bearing/distance or as a latitude/longitude value. To change the setup:

  • Go to the Main Menu – Settings – Filing Options
  • Tap the ‘File custom waypoint as’ field to change ‘Bearing-Distance’ (WPT/dddDDD) to ‘Coordinates’ (NddmmWdddmm).

Now when preparing a VFR flight and adding a no-name waypoint to the route, it will be displayed as a set of coordinates.

Further Information

To add files to a briefing pack, make sure you have the latest version of the app.

Should you have questions, suggestions, or feedback, please send it to our Support or Sales Team.

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