Latest iOS App Update – October 2020

Upgraded design and functionality for better performance.

Flying with RocketRoute October 20th, 2020

RocketRoute iOS App New Release


The new RocketRoute FlightPlan iOS App version is now available.

The main features that have been added or improved are:

STS/RMK Functionality

STS (reason for special handling by ATS) and RMK (remarks) fields are now available within the Quick File form.

Having added the data to those fields will ensure all important information about the flight has been added.

STS functionality in the iOS app.

STS functionality in the iOS app.

Additional Filing Addresses

If any additional filing addresses were added through the web application during flight preparation, they will be displayed in the Additional Filing Addresses section on the QuickFile screen of the mobile app. The below screenshots depict correspondingly Step 1 in the Web App and the Additional Filing Addresses that were added.

Additional Filing Addresses in iOS app.

Additional Filing Addresses in the iOS app.

Field 18

Saving and Filing Final Check pop-ups now display the Field 18.

Saving Final Check Field 18

Field 18 in the Saving Final Check pop-up in the iOS app.

Fix for Local Time Zones

Arrival at an airport within a different time zone can bring a little bit of stress due to the necessity to calculate the local time. Departure and arrival times won’t be confused anymore – the app clearly shows UTC (Z, Zulu) time and local time of departure and destination airports.

Redirect from FlightPlan to APG iPreFlight Genesis app

Obtain the latest runway requirements for take-off and landing. Once the route has been planned in RocketRoute FlightPlan, it’s possible to perform a stand-alone runway analysis for the departure and arrival airports in iPreFlight Genesis app.

APG iPreFlight Genesis is a full-featured flight planning, runway analysis, and weight & balance app.

NOTE: The iPreFlight Genesis requires iOS 13.2 or later. Compatible only with iPad.

Tap the APG button on the Flight Details screen.

Flight Details screen with APG button

Flight Details screen with APG button

If you don’t have an account with APG, RocketRoute app will offer to download the app or to contact the Support team to get more details.

Discover advanced runway performance with iPreFlight Genesis

Discover advanced runway performance with iPreFlight Genesis

If APG iPreFlight Genesis is already downloaded on your iPad, it will be launched:

Flights List in Genesis App

Flights List in Genesis App.

Further Information

Read more about our iOS mobile application and its top Hints and Tips.

To be able to add files to a briefing pack, please, make sure you have the latest version of the app.

Should you have questions, suggestions, or feedback, please send it to our Support or Sales Team.

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