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RocketRoute adds new features every month. Read what’s new at the start of 2015.

News January 15th, 2015

RocketRoute System

RocketRoute adds new features and enhancements every month. Below are some of the recent additions made during the Autumn / Winter 2014:

1. Realtime Flight Tracking

2. AC-U-KWIK Integration

3. Updated Applications for iPad and Android Available

4. New Advanced Aircraft Performance Module

5. “Formation” Flight Plan Filing

6. Runway Performance Analysis (APG)

7. Air BP Airports Integration

8. RocketRoute in North America (Transatlantic Flights Presentation at NBAA 2014)


In addition to new features, RocketRoute’s usage continues to expand globally. Below is a summary from 2014 showing destinations planned using the RocketRoute system.

Destinations planned using RocketRoute


Realtime Flight Tracking

Flight Tracking is available on all IFR Flights in Europe and soon in the USA. Flight tracking is also available if your aircraft is connected with SatCom Direct.

Members can setup flights to send autmatic Movement Reports, share tracking pages with colleagues, friends and more. Operators of multiple aircraft can view and track all flights on a single page.

Flown versus planned route analysis is available post-flight.



AC-U-KWIK (integration via API)

RocketRoute now integrates the market leading AC-U-KWIK FBO and Handler Directory.

Once added to a Members Account, AC-U-KWIK information and content on FBOs, Handlers and Airport Data is instantly available when browsing by airport. When preparing a flight plan an AC-U-KWIK report is included with each Flight Briefing Pack.

Flying with AC-U-KWIK provides extra confidence for Crews and Dispatchers to be able to prepare and plan for stop overs and refueling with ease.

3 versions of AC-U-KWIK are available from RocketRoute:

1. Europe Edition

2. USA Edition

3. World Edition (includes USA and Europe)



Updated Apps for iPad and Android

RocketRoute is an easy to use and powerful flight planning, filing and in-flight navigation app built for Android and iPad devices.

During 2014, Apple and Android apps received major updates to improve their usability and functions. These apps are available to install for FREE from  Google Play and App Store.




New Advanced Aircraft Performance Module

RocketRoute took 1.5 years to develop our Advanced Performance system, ensuring that jet and turbo prop fuel burn calculations meet the highest levels of accuracy.

The good news is that members report actual burns are within 1% of planned.

Advance Performance is available on Business and Airline Memberships. Features allow planners to set Power Settings for each phase of flight and the system will adjust for weather, tempurature, mass and FL.

A full list of aircraft with Advanced Performance Data is available here here.



File a “Formation” Flight Plan

Formation flying is a challenging and rewarding experience for any pilot and can be used when flying in a group, when on tour, or as part of an airshow / air display.

RocketRoute now makes filing a flight plan for a formation of aircraft, simple and straight forward!

This feature is available to all members.



Runway Performance Analysis (APG)

RocketRoute now integrates with Aircraft Performance Group (APG) and allows customers to request and retrieve runway analysis briefings automatically from the RocketRoute Flight Planning System.




 AirBP Partnership Announced

At NBAA14, RocketRoute and AirBP announced our intention to work together and to streamline fuel ordering processes. After the announcement RocketRoute added all of the AirBP locations worldwide together with fuel contact details and fuel grades.




Order Direct Your Preferred Handler or FBO

RocketRoute has created a simple and convient way to prepare a request form and send it directly via e-mail to your preferred Handler/FBO. Choose your supplier, tick the services required and click Send.

Handlers and FBOs reply directly to the Member confirming all details.

It is simple and easy to use.




Atlantic Routing Upgrades

In 2014 RocketRoute opened an office in the USA and was delighted welcome Ted Glogovac to lead our North America business.

RocketRoute worked on enhancing Trans-Atlantic routings to support following of NatTracks and Direct routings over the top of NatTracks.

These improvements were presented at NBAA14. For more on the NBAA click here.



If you require further information, please email support@rocketroute.com. The team will be pleased to assist you!

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