AeroBaze Czech Republic and Slovakia 1:1M 2021

2021  Edition
ICAO Chart 1:1,000,000
Publisher: AeroBaze VFR

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Czech Republic and Slovakia ICAO charts with 1:1M scale. Ideal for flying all over Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Chart with detailed aeronautical information covering complete territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia with vertical limits of SFC – FL95 (Slovakia: SFC – 9000ft AMSL). Showing all AIP information and additionally all necessary information about other traffic (that can not be found at other resources) – from hang-gliders and paragliders activity, through microlight airplanes, skydiving up to special military operations.

Including complete airspace with detailed labels including additional information about operating hours and frequencies (CTR, TMA, P, R, TRA, TSA, D, FIS, CTA, ATZ, paragliding zones, noise restriction zones). Complete aerodromes, military aerodromes, heliports, microlight airfields and farm strips – showed with many details including comm/nav frequencies, ILS details, ELEV, RWY lenght and directions with exact scheme of RWY’s position and pavement information. All Visual Reporting Points – also for military aerodromes (that are not available at civil AIP) and Enroute significant points (including border crossing points). Complete radionavigation facilities and significant obstacles including electric power lines and line obstacles, all with detailed labels.

Including perfect topography for visual reference and high precision elevation data. Containing detailed information from CZ+SK VFR Flight Guide Database. Charts are downloaded in full and remain available during flight for navigational use. Periodically updated – purchase one time per year. Published by pilots for pilots!

Purchase one time per 1 year. To use the next editions, you’ll have to purchase a separate product.  

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