Air Million Eastern Europe 2020

2020 edition
ICAO Chart 1:1,000,000
Publisher: Air Million VFR

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This VFR chart covers Bosnia and Hercegovina (E), Bulgaria (N), Czech Republic (E), Hungary(E), Poland (S), Romania (W), Serbia (N), Slovakia & Ukraine(W). The chart has all the AIP information required for flight: airspace SFC to FL180, controlled areas and restricted areas, airfields, radio resources etc.

All information necessary for day VFR contained therein:

  • airspace SFC to FL180;
  • all controlled areas of class A to E
  • all controlled zones (restricted, dangerous, prohibited, military training areas, etc.)
  • more than 200 airports, AIP courses, private or ULM
  • the radio navigation aids (VOR, NDB and VORDME)
  • obstacles to navigation (> 400 ft)
  • check-points and VFR rout

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