Botswana 1:250 Topo

1:250,000 Topographical

Cross Country Navigation, Detailed Offline Chart

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RocketRoute 1:250,000 Topographic Charts provide detailed information for helicopter, gliding, fixed wing navigation and flight planning. Charts are downloaded in full and remain available during a flight for navigational use.

Ideal for VFR, Yankee and Zulu flight planning.

Topographical features have been enhanced for improved rendering. Detailed information on the map includes the following:

– Motorways, Roads, Tracks
– Significant Buildings, Villages, Towns and Cities
– Terrain data
– Rivers, Forests

Data are prepared and enriched for aviation purposes using OSM.

After purchasing you may instantly download charts to your Android or Apple device. Charts are downloaded in full and remain available during flight for navigational use. Published by pilots for pilots!

Purchase one time per 1 year, annual updates are available.


Download Compatibility

  • Android
  • iOS

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