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Broker Flightboard

Brokers will find the following features extremely useful for their business:  Delay Information; Operators Data; Live Historical Flight Data; Multi-screen view and flight alerts by sms or email. 

Sharable Tracking Link together with adaptivity to any screen size will prove to be convenient and effective for any Broker who values time and flawless service.

Live flight tracking

Get accurate tracking on all your flights across Europe and US.

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Always stay up to date with the stage of your flight.


RocketRoute FlightBoard is an innovative cloud-based flight tracking solution. The flights are updated every minute so you can be sure that you are up to date on your aircraft location.


The Aircraft panel provides access to the control features of your FlightBoard installation including the users, locations and the aircraft list. Just register your aircraft and receive notifications or alerts via email or SMS.


FlightBoard’s adaptive design makes it perfectly viable on all screen sizes. You can follow aircraft and see flight information from around the globe on any device.


You can share the track information with people who you would like to inform the exact time of your arrival or departure.


Live flight tracking
Full Eurocontrol and FAA coverage
Flight status
Flight details
Multi-screen view
Shareable tracking details
Aircraft map positioning
Aircraft management
Flight alerts by sms or email
Delay information
Live historical flight data
Advanced filtering