FBO FlightBoard

Location specific, suitable for FBOs, handling agents, airports and similar.

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FBO FlightBoard

Impressive filtering capability of RocketRoute FlightBoard will help to access information about  specific locations. The ‘Aircraft Map Positioning’ feature together with multi-user access from one account will prove useful for any FBO.

Live flight tracking

Get accurate tracking on all your flights across Europe and US.

24/7 Support

We're here to help with any of your questions.

Powerful filtering

With filter function you are able to create a flight board of your own.


RocketRoute FlightBoard is an innovative cloud-based flight tracking solution. The flights are updated every minute. Switching between departures and arrivals you can oversee all activity.


Flight Status Board is a must-have product for all FBOs, Handlers and small airports which don’t have a flight board of their own. Using the FlightBoard we can check any IFR airport within the Eurocontrol zone, as well as  FAA zone in the US.


FlightBoard’s adaptive design makes it perfectly viable on all screen sizes. You can follow aircraft and see flight information from around the globe on any device.

Shareable tracking details

You can share the track information with your colleagues so they would know the exact time of clients arrival and be always prepared.


Live flight tracking
Multi-screen view
Full Eurocontrol and FAA coverage
Shareable tracking details
Advanced filter
Aircraft map positioning
Flight status
Flight details