Piston Latin America

Piston Plan for Private use only. Piston aircraft only. Latin America coverage.

12 Months Subscription. Pricing per pilot.


$276.49 ex VAT


Fly as often as you like, as far as you like.

IFR Autorouter

Just a few seconds to build a route


Winds Aloft 5 day forecast for Flight Log, Icing Report, METAR etc.


In an emergency and need a solution fast? We're here to help.


Airport Plates for all mayor airports in Latin America

AIRAC Updates

All updates with AIRAC cycle

Optimized regional flight planning

Specially created for trips across Latin America

One solution with everything included for the private pilot flying in Latin America. Use RocketRoute anytime, anywhere from almost any device.

Please note limitations of coverage and airport plates availability.


Manage flight plans from anywhere and with any device.

RocketRoute is known in the industry for our fast, simple and easy ‘File & Go’ service. With worldwide coverage, prepare a flight plan in a minute or less, validate the content, press File. An Acknowledgement is returned quickly and you are good to go. It really is that simple.

RocketRoute then makes management of the active flight plan even easier. E.g. updating a SLOT message, Delaying, Bringing Forward and performing Last Minute Changes.


Does the hard work for you

Save time and effort building efficient direct routes to fly. Simply Click Autoroute and let the system do the rest. The system performs up to 20,000 calculations in just a few seconds saving you time and effort.

If you are flying in Europe. Autorouter includes all RAD restrictions and temporary restrictions. Plus the latest updates to Free Route Airspace.
With PistonPlan, AutoRouter will only work up to a maximum FL of 220.


Create a Flight and the RocketRoute system will continuously update the briefing pack for that flight every hour until time of departure. The Briefing Pack can be downloaded as a PDF, emailed or sync’d with our EFB app.

Briefing packs include: Flight Log, Windsaloft Report, Icing Report, METAR/TAF Report, NOTAMs/Snowtams Report, Flight Plan Form, GAR/Customs Form, Load Sheet, Any Uploaded Documents and Cover Sheet.

Included with Piston Latin America

Our Piston membership also includes all these great features
IFR Autorouter
File & Manage Flight Plans
Weather Services
24/7 telephone support
Route visualisation
AIRAC cycle updates
ICAO IFR Airport Plates
Mass & Balance