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Cirrus Aircraft – Manufacturer

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If you aren’t using RocketRoute you are missing out.

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Cirrus Aircraft is one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers in General Aviation. The capabilities of their flagship aircraft the SR22 make it perfect for pilots flying IFR. As a result many Cirrus SR22 pilots also use RocketRoute.

Adam Hahn is Cirrus Aircraft’s Director of Sales, Marketing and Support for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Adam regularly needs to be able to fly in and out of a variety of airports around Europe and further afield with a flexible schedule. Using RocketRoute gives Adam what he needs. He is able to plan routes, file, delay, bring forward flight plans all from his iPhone and iPad.

Director at Cirrus

Adam Hahn, Director Europe, Africa and Middle East, Cirrus Aircraft.

“Managing a global aircraft brand in Europe means my schedule is constantly changing.  The RocketRoute mobile app allows me to easily move up or delay my flight plan while I am on the go.
I am constantly flying my SR22T in and out of different countries throughout Europe, and RocketRoute makes planning and filing easy almost anywhere in the world.
It’s rare I have an issue filing with RocketRoute, but anytime I have needed support, they have stepped up and exceeded my expectations with their 24 hour telephone support team.
If you aren’t using RocketRoute you are missing out.”
Watch the latest 2016 video about RocketRoute and Cirrus Aircraft’s cooperation :


, 24 June 2014
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