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Modernise your Flight Planning

Take advantage of our modern cloud based solution to find the optimum fuel efficient routing

Take advantage of our modern cloud based solution to find the optimum fuel efficient routing. To put information at the fingertips of the ops team and to delight crews with concise crew briefings.

Fully integrated solution for planning, filing, dispatch, crew briefings, tracking and more.

Flight Records Securely Stored

Cloud Technology

RocketRoute stores your operational data to make your business audits run smoother. Any flight briefing is searchable and can be printed in a minute or less.

Cloud flight planning data centre

All in 1 solution

Everything you need in one integrated solution

Save time, save money with RocketRoute. World-class Web Planner with all the essential planning features a planner or dispatcher needs.

Open business system with easy integration into Crew Rosters, Flight Scheduling systems, Maintenance and more. Plus an unlimited usage model – so no unplanned bill surprises

Everything you need in one integrated solution. Save time, save money with RocketRoute

In Sync With You

One System – Everything Integrated

RocketRoute is one simple and elegantly designed system combining: Flight Planning, ICAO Flight Plan Filing, Dispatch, Crew Briefings, Weather, NOTAMs, Plates, Runway Performance and Flight Tracking. RocketRoute can be used anywhere, from any device. Crew and office staff are always in sync and have critical data in real time.

Flexible flight planning on any device

Schedule Integration

Load from 3rd party systems into RocketRoute

Unlimited Planning

Fly as often as you like, as far as you like

Unlimited Filing

On all IFR and VFR Flights. No extra hidden charges

Real-Time Tracking

Tracking on all flight globally. Share data by email or webpage

Crew Briefings

Comprehensive Briefing - updated hourly prior to departure

24 x 7 Support

If you are in an emergency and need a solution fast – we are here to help

RocketRoute was very helpful and engaged when we began reaching out and walked with us through the process of testing and development of specific criteria to suit our operational needs and our operating environment.

Owen Scott, Chief Flight Dispatcher at West Wind Aviation


Let us tailor a membership package to match your unique operational needs.

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