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Developed for special missions. Keep your flights safe and the paperwork in check.

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QuickFile from the cockpit

When time is critical - your departure can not afford to be delayed by the flight plan

RocketRoute QuickFile allows a pilot to self dispatch in seconds. File and operate 24 hours a day, flying anywhere in the world.

Flight Records Securely Stored

RocketRoute can auto-detect a flight and log the flight automatically, even if not filed.

The paperwork is generated and stays in check. When audit time comes, all your flights are together in one place – keeping it simple.  

All in 1 solution

Everything you need in one integrated solution

Save time, save money with RocketRoute. World-class Web Planner with all the essential planning features a planner or dispatcher needs, including flight tracking. Plus an unlimited usage model – so no unplanned bill surprises.

Unlimited Planning

Fly as often as you like, as far as you like

TOPO & ICAO Charts

Can be added to any operational area to any level of detail

Quick File

Flight plan is prepared in few seconds

Centralised Tracking

System displays a fleet in realtime and any flights

Weather Reports

Winds Aloft 5 Day Forecast for Flight Log, Icing Report, METAR etc.

24/7 Support

If you are in an emergency and need a solution fast – we are here to help

Any operator who wants to use a modern & innovative system to make shorter time of briefing and file planning should use RocketRoute.

Cpt. Peter Fleischhacker, Pilot ÖAMTC

HEMS & Heli Solutions

Our flexible membership packages can be tailored to your operational needs.

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