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RocketRoute was founded in 2010 with the mission to make flight planning easy and straight forward for all. We’ve created a service that is easy to use, fast and convenient. Today our team has grown to over 100, split between development, operations, data, sales & marketing and administration.

Uwe Nitsche


Uwe Nitsche is a co-founder and CEO of RocketRoute. Uwe is a qualified commercial pilot instructor and regularly flies an Eclipse Jet, also he holds an ATP license (Airline Transport Pilot) and is a CFII/MEII (MEII =Multi engine instrument instructor). Uwe has a degree in Applied Computer Science, speaks fluent German and Dutch. Uwe previously built and sold the UK’s leading Business ISP, IZR Solutions, as well worked with Lufthansa Systems Network and Frankfurt Airport.

About RocketRoute

Everything a pilot needs in one easy to use service

RocketRoute is a leading aviation services company, with innovative and smart technology for flight planning, fuel and concierge services. Private and commercial pilots, airlines, business operators, as well as HEMS and SAR operators, use RocketRoute for flight planning, quick file, autoroute, fuel and ground handling request, concierge and trip support. The principle of fast, easy-to-use, direct access is the heart of RocketRoute’s success.

RocketRoute works worldwide on any device and brings together into one system everything the individual pilot or flight department needs to operate an aircraft and to connect directly with service suppliers on the ground.

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