Designed for the busy FBO operating with full flight planning services.

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Flight support

Plan and file the trips for your client

RocketRoute is known in the industry for our fast, simple and easy ‘File & Go’ service. With worldwide coverage, prepare a flight plan in a minute or less, validate the content, press File. An Acknowledgement is returned quickly. It really is that simple.

RocketRoute also makes management of active flight plans even easier. Including updating a SLOT message, Delaying, Bringing Forward and performing Last Minute Changes.

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Custom page

Use RocketRoute MarketPlace to promote your business

RocketRoute Marketplace offers pilots and dispatchers a quick and easy solution for arranging trips directly with service providers.

Brand your page at  Marketplace with photos, logo, and contacts.  Connect Direct with new and existing customers.

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RocketRoute Marketplace iOS App


Manage and track all your clients at once

RocketRoute FlightBoard is an innovative flight tracking solution. Monitor all flights with ease.  Flights are updated every minute. Switching between departures and arrivals you can oversee all activity.

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RocketRoute FlightBoard

Brief your client

Prepare customize briefing pack easily

Briefing Pack for flight will continuously be updated. Can be downloaded, emailed or synchronized with our EFB app.

Briefing packs include: Flight Log, Fuel Burn, Windsaloft Report, Icing Report, METAR/TAF Report, NOTAMs/Snowtams Report, Flight Plan Form, GAR/Customs Form, Load Sheet, Any Uploaded Documents and Cover Sheet.

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Unlimited Planning

Fly as often as you like, as far as you like.

Realtime Tracking

Tracking on all flight globally. Share data by email or webpage

Crew Briefings

Comprehensive Briefing - updated hourly prior to departure

Regional Support

Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Middle East


Discover better connect with new and existing customers.

24 x 7 Support

If you are in an emergency and need a solution fast – we are here to help

FBO Membership

Ask for your tailor made FBO membership, designed to meet your unique commercial needs.

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