Approach Plates

Instrument Approach Procedure Charts for IFR & VFR Flights

Approach plates are used to describe the procedures or charts that pilot’s use on approaches during IFR flights.

Formally known as Instrument Approach Procedures, they conform to ICAO standards with each country having their own Instrument Approach Procedures.

Approach plates are needed for a pilot to make a safe landing during IMC conditions, such as reduced visibility, low ceilings, fog, rain or snow. The document provides pilots with specific waypoints and targeted altitudes to line up the aircraft with any specific runway for landing.

Flight planning approach plates
RocketRoute includes within its plethora of features airport approach plates for all the airports covered by Eurocontrol and ICAO airports.

The details of which can be downloaded directly through RocketRoute and are sent with the briefing pack once the flight plan is submitted for each journey and they can be downloaded individually as and when required.

The ability to download the approach charts at any point on the move is another great feature of RocketRoute’s flight planning software. Combining this with all the other features you can really see the benefits of having all the support you need to fly in one place.

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