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Manage & Control

Modern Helicopter Operations Software

Integrated Flight Planning, Briefing, Flight Tracking and More.

Manage & Control

Modern Helicopter Operations Software

Integrated Flight Planning, Briefing, Flight Tracking and More.

Heli Ops – HEMS, Rescue, Police & Business

Designed and Built for Helicopter Operations

RocketRoute Heli Ops can modernize and transform an operation by putting critical information at the finger-tips of staff, by automating the paperwork and by meeting the high safety standards of a CAA.

RocketRoute first developed this solution in partnership with ÖAMTC (based in Austria) to meet their HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) needs. RocketRoute is now pleased to offer this solution for all helicopter operators.

RocketRoute is built on the latest cloud technology. It is ideal for use worldwide and provides the perfect platform for preparing flights, dispatching, filing ad-hoc flights, automatically logging flights not filed and much more.

RocketRoute is also an open system that can connect to many third party systems for crew rostering, scheduling and EFBs.

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Innovation 1: Quick File

Plan a Route and File in the Fewest Clicks

When crews need to quickly prepare and file an ICAO flight plan use the RocketRoute App. It minimizes the clicks and speeds the time to response in an emergency. Once filed, office staff can instantly see the flight and can track and manage it as necessary.

This is a a great innovation for helicopter operators, led by the special needs of HEMS – and now available to all operators.

Innovation 2: Auto Logging

Just Fly & AutoLog

If time is short, simply turn on Auto Logging. This feature detects when you are moving above 15 kts and will automatically record a flight track and upload it into the operational system as when you return to base.

If the flight is within mobile phone data coverage, the flight is immediately uploaded to the servers and operational colleagues can see the flight become active and can track the flight in realtime.


Innovation 3: Topographical + ICAO Charts

Everything You Need

RocketRoute supplies the market leading brands for ICAO charts, plus provides highly detailed topographical charts for 1:250 and 1:500. These are perfect for low level helicopter operations.

If you are flying in a country not already covered by our charts, simply contact our support team and we can research and source additional charts for your operation.

Innovation 4: Helicopter Mass & Balance

Lateral Balance Included as Standard

RocketRoute supports direct integration from crew roster systems to allow automatic loading of crew masses into the flight mass and balance calculation.

All Mass and Balance calculations can be adjusted or prepared on a standalone basis as well, if required.

RocketRoute supports the most sophisticated helicopter mass and balance setups and meets the safety needs of a country CAA.

Innovation 5: Operational Flight Board

See All Flights In Realtime

RocketRoute provides a powerful web based Flight Planning application. This can be securely accessed from any internet PC or Laptop and can be used to view all operational flights, including real-time flight tracking (subject to data connectivity).

Operators and dispatchers can use this application to quickly and efficiently manage flights.

Whether you operate hundreds of flights per day or only a few. RocketRoute is perfect to support your operational needs.

Plus More…

Everything in our Business Edition

RocketRoute comes with many business standard features that can transform a flight operation department. See our full list of Business Edition Features which are included with Heli Ops as standard.

Business Features

Customization, Training, Implementation Support

Depending on a customer’s needs, we can adapt any aspect of our Flight Briefings, our applications and processes. We are well experienced working with the specific needs and in special mission situations.

RocketRoute also has the staff to assist with on-site training and implementation support if needed.

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Flight Planning

US + Worldwide Flight Planning and Filing

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