Eurocopter AS365 N3+

As a member of Airbus Helicopters’ renowned Dauphin family, the medium twin-engine AS365 N3+ version is suited for a full range of missions and known worldwide for its sleek fuselage and powerful performance.

Aircraft Data

  • Class: Medium Weight Dauphin Family Helicopters
  • Crew: 2
  • Passengers: 12
  • Engines: Turbine
  • Max Speed: 145 kts
  • MTOW: 4,300 kg
  • Time to Climb: 1,321 fpm
  • Max Range: 427 nm

The AS365 N3+ is fitted with Airbus Helicopters’ unique 4-axis autopilot, which eases crew workload and helps simplify the most demanding search and rescue (SAR) missions, and a class 1 rescue hoist.

Able to fly at very high speeds with stability in hover, large power reserves and excellent one engine inoperative (OEI) performance, the AS365 N3+ is a safe aircraft for performing SAR work in poor weather conditions.

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