Gulfstream G150

The G150® is aimed at the mid-size market. With the longest range at the fastest speed, an advanced cockpit and comfortable cabin.

The Gulfstream G150 is the fastest mid-sized business aircraft in the world today. The G150 started breaking speed records even before it went into service. A G150 test aircraft established a city-pair speed record on a flight from Tel Aviv to Geneva.

Aircraft Data

  • ICAO Code: G150
  • Manufacture: Gulfstream
  • Class: Jet
  • Model Types: G150
  • Crew: 2
  • Passengers: 6-8 (Long Range 4)
  • Engines: 2
  • Max Speed: Mach 0.85
  • MTOW: 26,100 lb (11,839 kg)
  • Time to Climb: 15 mins (FL350, Max Gross)
  • Cruise Fuel: 1,243 Lbs/Hr (Mass 23,000 Lbs, ISA 0)
  • Max Range: 3,000 nm (5,556 km)
  • Max Flight Level: FL450

G150 Avionics

  • Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21
  • Dual Flight Management Systems (FMS) with integrated
  • global positioning system
  • Two Gulfstream signature cursor control devices
  • Engine instruments, crew alert system (EICAS)
  • Dual VHF navigation and communication
  • Traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS)
  • Enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS)
  • Single integrated flight information system (IFIS) – enhanced maps and electronic Jeppesen charts

Cabin Configurations

G150 Cabin Configuration 1

G150 Cabin Configuration 1

G150 Cabin Configuration 3

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