Android App Latest Release

The latest release brings a new flight creation page, improved user experience on the map screen, and easier-to-read METAR’s. We have also improved stability of the app making for a more reliable and efficient user experience. 

What’s new?

In this release we have developed a new Create Flight page, displaying all your flight templates in an intuitive and simplified way. The Map screen has been given a fresh new look, that matches our web-based application. The Chart list is now clear and easier to understand. METARs are a breeze to read, with our new and extended plain language library. We have also improved the stability of the app making for a reliable and efficient user experience on even more devices. 

New Create Flight screen 

Flight creation is easier and faster, with less hassle and just the right amount of information presented in an intuitive way. We have introduced a new “Create Flight” page, where you can easily filter your Recent flights, Created flights, and Suggested flights templates. 

Improved Map screen interface 

Use RocketRoute Web? Now you will find your mobile device and the web are closer aligned in style and user experience, with the Map screen redesign. This gives you a consistent experience when switching between platforms, improving your efficiency through ease of use between platforms.  

  • New Map footer views 

New Map footer.

  • Changed Map pop-ups 

The redesigned Map pop-ups.

  • Chart List redesigned 

The redesigned Chart List.

Better METAR interpretations 

Want to understand your weather better than a list of acronyms? We have expanded our METAR decoding capability, now you no longer need to remember what NCD, SKC, NSC are, and more.  

Added plain language text for:  

  • CAVOK 
  • NSC 
  • CLR 
  • SKC 
  • NCD 

Easier to read METAR’s.

App Stability 

Improved system stability. We identified several scenarios that cause the app to exit unexpectedly. The causes of these instances have been resolved, resulting in a more consistent user experience with a more stable app. 

Further Information:

To benefit from the new updates, please make sure you have the latest version of the apps. 


Should you have questions, suggestions, or feedback, please send it to our Support or Sales Team.

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