New Free OFMA Charts Added. How to install

RocketRoute has added a new chart to the list of free OFMA charts: OFMA Slovakia.

News March 5th, 2018

RocketRoute has added a new chart to its list of free OFMA charts: OFMA Slovakia.

RocketRoute FlightPlan gives you the opportunity to use free OFMA charts for Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Sweden, Chech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Netherlands, Greece and Slovakia.

OFMA charts are already added to all active membership accounts.

How to install

If you are using a desktop version of the RocketRoute FlightPlan, simply go to “Settings” and switch “OFMA VFR” on as shown in the screenshot below.

New OFMA charts Greece

If you are using RocketRoute FlightPlan app on an iOS device, go to ‘Menu’; tap on ‘Charts’ then tap on ‘Layers’ (the blue icon). In the menu that appears on the left, simply tap on the charts to download them, as shown in the screenshot below.

If you are using RocketRoute FlightPlan app on Android device, go to ‘Menu’, tap  ‘Charts List’,  scroll to find the desired chart and then tap ‘Download’.


About OFMA charts
New OFMA charts Greece New OFMA charts Greece

The Open Flightmaps (OFMA) mission is to develop and maintain a universal database of aeronautical data, in order to facilitate the rendering of high-quality VFR maps to assist the general aviation community.

The database is administered by OFMA, a non-profit organisation, which has the support of two universities and several associations of pilots and other organisations within the General Aviation community. The structure of the OFMA database closely follows the AIXM Model recommended by Eurocontrol.

OFMA Charts contain all relevant aeronautical information necessary for Flights under VFR as well as a topographic basemap displaying streets, railways, rivers, woods, and urbanisation.

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