HowTo: Use SID and STAR

RocketRoute provides the option to include preferred SIDs and STARs while planning a flight.

Flying with RocketRoute November 25th, 2020

While planning a flight and deciding upon departure and arrival procedures, users can preselect preferred SIDs and STARs from a list of airport SIDs and STARs.

Standard Instrument Departure (SID) routes, also known as departure procedures (DP) are published flight procedures followed by aircraft on an IFR flight plan immediately after takeoff from an airport. A Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR) – is a standard ATS route identified in an approach procedure by which aircraft should proceed from the en-route phase to an initial approach fix.

The recent updates include improved logic of choosing the longest or shortest SID/STAR by more accurately following the general trajectory of the general route of flight. The app now uses the longest or shortest SID/STAR that it found, that best fits the general direction of the flight.

This improved logic helps to provide better routes when flying to/from an airport that has an especially long SID/STAR heading out in the opposite direction to the general direction between the departure and destination.

How to add SIDs/STARs to your route

There are two ways to add SID and STAR to your route in RocketRoute:

  • Auto SID / Auto STAR
  • Manual

Use the Auto SID and STAR

  • Prepare your plan as usual
  • Expand section: ‘SID / STAR & Alternates’
  • Choose either ‘Longest’ or ‘Shortest’ SID and STAR option from the drop-down list
  • Press the ‘Autoroute’ button

After the options for the SID and STAR have been selected press the ‘Autoroute’ button.

The app returns several route options with SID and STAR portions. Visually they are marked with a bright green color. On the image below you can see the set options: Shortest SID and shortest STAR, the SID\STAR terminators points in the route string and the highlighted portions of the route on the map.

Select SID and STAR Manually

Let’s create an example flight from EDDL (Dusseldorf) to LKKV (Karlovy Vary).

  1. Select aircraft, insert ADEP and ADES, date and time of flight
  2. Turn on SID and STARs, click on the SID/STAR icon on the right sidebar menu. This will show the available SIDs and STARs for the departure and destination airports for the route.
  3. Expand the SID\STAR – Alternates section under the route box.
  4. Select the specific SID and STAR for the airports from the drop-down lists.
  5. Click the ‘Autoroute’ button.
  6. If nothing is found with the selected SID\STARs, change the input.

The image below shows one out of two routes automatically generated by AutoRouter with the manually specified SID and STAR.

Further Information

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