Distance Measurement Tool

New distance measurement tool. A simple and efficient way to measure distances and now available to everyone.

FlightPlan Updates June 25th, 2018

The new Distance Measurement tool is now available to all RocketRoute members. A simple and efficient way to measure distances, whether for a short route or long, multi-leg flights. It automatically accounts for Great Circle Distances (GCD) and crossing the equator.

Measurement points can be added and deleted as needed. A simple and powerful tool. Enjoy!


How to use it?

Open your RocketRoute account, press ‘New Flight’, click the ‘Ruler’ icon on the right-hand side on the map menu bar.

Now, click on the map with the left mouse button to set the first point of the desired segment to measure. Click on the map to set the second point and see the distance specified in nautical miles (NM) in the black label between the two points.

If you choose to continue to click with left mouse button, the tool will automatically add points to the distance measurements. The total distance will be shown near the last added point on the map (a label with a white background).

It’s also possible to drag and drop a mid-point between the segment to be measured. Click on a point, drag the segment, the NM distance will be dynamically updated in real time.


To remove a point, click on it with the right mouse button.

To turn off the measurement tool, click again the green Ruler icon.


If you have any questions in regards to RocketRoute features, please, feel free to contact our Support team at support@rocketroute.com.

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