New: Flight Templates

Create flight plans from pre-defined templates for regular flights, save time and repetition.

FlightPlan Updates March 25th, 2019

Welcome to the latest RocketRoute update: the ability to add a Flight Template.

Create templates with all the required information for a flight. After selecting a saved template, a draft flight plan with all the needed information is created and can be filed. Templates can be saved with custom names for easy re-use.

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Where to Find a Template

In the top menu go to FLIGHTS > TEMPLATES.

Flight Template in RocketRoute

Image: Where to find the flight templates

After the ‘TEMPLATES’ page is opened, a variety of options are available: Use, Copy, Edit and Delete a template.

The 'Use', 'Copy', 'Edit' and 'Delete' buttons on the Flight Templates page.

The ‘Use’, ‘Copy’, ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ buttons on the Flight Templates page.

Search capability for a specific template is also possible using different criteria such as Flight number, Aircraft Registration, Template name, ADEP, ADES, Dispatcher (owner), Route.

Image: The TEMPLATES page

Templates created in a multi-user account are available to all crew users, regardless of their roles (‘Crew’, ‘Flight Crew’, ‘Senior Crew’, ‘Instructor’, ‘Student’).

A ‘Crew’ user can create their own private templates that are visible to both the template creator and the master account holder.

Tabs ‘All’, ‘Private’, ‘OPS’ on the TEMPLATE page allow a filter between private and public templates:

    • ‘All’ – shows all the available templates
    • ‘Private’ – shows only templates created by the user
    • ‘OPS’ – shows all available templates excluding private templates
The 'ALL', 'PRIVATE', 'OPS' tabs available in a crew user account.

The ‘ALL’, ‘PRIVATE’, ‘OPS’ tabs available in a crew user account.

Tabs ‘All’, ‘CREW’, ‘OPS’ on the template page within master account allow to navigate through Private and Public Templates.

The 'ALL', 'CREW', 'OPS' tabs available in the master account.

The ‘ALL’, ‘CREW’, ‘OPS’ tabs available in the master account.

How to Create a Template

  • Click the ‘New’ button. A new flight template page will open in a separate browser tab
  • Enter a ‘Template Name’ and complete the fields with the flight details
  • Click either the ‘AutoRoute’ button to get a valid route or just on any black space for the system to get updated.
  • Save the template. Clicking ‘Save’ redirects back to the TEMPLATES page and lists the newly created template.

If the user clicks “Use” button rather than ‘Save’, a new draft flight plan is created with all the pre-filled information from the template.  In this scenario, the used template will also be saved to the TEMPLATE list.

The 'Save' and 'Use' buttons.

The ‘Save’ and ‘Use’ buttons.

Note: A template can be saved both with a DCT route and with a full route.

fill out the field with flight details

A new Flight Template page. Name a template, insert details, click AutoRoute button and save the template.

Scroll down to see the other options that can be pre-selected before saving a template. Click to expand the sections and to alter where necessary.

For example, the user can select the Crew members for a flight template.

Click on the Crew section, select Pilot in Command, First officer and Extra Crew Member, press ‘Save’ to save the template or ‘Use’ to proceed further with filing a flight plan.

Adding crew members to a flight template.



How to Use a Template

Go to the Templates page, pick the desired template, click the ‘Use’ icon  .

The use icon which activates a flight template.

Image: To utilise a template, click the ‘Use’ button.

After the ‘Use’ button is clicked, a new flight draft is created with the pre-filled parameters.

The current date will be used for the Date of Flight (DOF).

If a template has a pre-set EOBT but the actual time of flight is later than the preset EOBT, the EOBT will be reset in the draft to the actual time.

A draft flight plan created out of a template.

Image: A draft flight plan created out of a template.

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