NEW: FlightPlan Redesign

Clearer, faster, and more intuitive. The new web redesign provides more space for flight planners and dispatchers to create plans and focus on the important tasks.

We are excited to introduce great improvements to the RocketRoute FlightPlan web design.

The redesigned interface contains clearer and more intuitive icons and fewer colors in order not to distract the flight planner.

The new design applies to:

Step 1 (Flight Preparation)

The look has changed significantly but the functionality has been preserved.

The ‘Update Map’ button has been moved from underneath the route box to its right side. ⇒ 

The date format is more concise and there are fewer buttons and fewer colors. It’s easily recognizable that ‘Validate’ and ‘AutoRoute’ are the most important here.

Great visibility of additional details available on Step 1. Starting from ‘Autoroute Settings’ and finishing with ‘Additional Filing Addresses’ – everything has been upgraded to increase the performance of all Operations departments utilizing RocketRoute.


VFR Draw Mode

When preparing a VFR flight, look for the updated icon of the ‘Draw Mode’. A green icon indicates the ’Draw mode’ is activated – you can now drag and drop the route and waypoints, remove them and add new ones on the map with your mouse or touchpad. Click the button again to deactivate the draw mode to see the route in its traditional look. 


Settings Bar and Map Settings

The settings sidebar on the right side of the map screen has also been updated. Now the icons appear in this order:

  •  Flight Log (Briefing)
  • Legend
  •  Search
  •  Focus on Route
  •  Focus on My Location
  •  Distance Measurement
  • Show AirBP on Map
  • Charts and Plates
  • Settings and Clear

The Map Settings appear in a neat and smart look, with new simple switches.



Cut the time spent on preparing the new route from scratch by using Templates. Learn more about the Templates feature here.

Change mode

Highly intuitive icons such as Delay, Bring Forward, Cancel, Change or set the status to ‘Landed’ are all options at your fingertips, sorted and formed in logical groups.

Flight Summary

The “Flight Summary” section has also been updated. It consists of Addressing information, Briefing Pack access and Flight Overview. Check the important information and file the flight. 

Map Legend

A well-structured Map Legend – always at your fingertips, no need to memorize the symbols.


Our ‘support mode’ is always-on, feel free to reach to our OPS or Sales team to ask your questions.

You may also want to explore our free webinars highlighting the most popular features on our YouTube channel.

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