New for Mobile Apps: Improved Routing

Speed up the flight planning process: work with available route options while the routing process is ongoing.

RocketRoute's Improved Routing on iOS and Android mobile apps.

RocketRoute has enhanced its existing iOS and Android mobile apps functionality by improved routing.

This update is aimed to speed up the routing process and to display routes to the users as they are found. The routes now include information about its source, such as Recently Filed, ATC Preferred, or freshly generated by the RocketRoute Autorouter. The Company Preferred Routes are now displayed at the top of the route results list. Messages such as those from Eurocontrol as well as system alerts are consolidated into a single popup. 

The Android app release has also introduced the autorouting to alternatesAutorouting to alternates is now included as well as the ability to set a Flight Level for the route to the alternate airport. The alternate routes are also shown on the moving map, including intermediate waypoints. All of this is available directly from the QuickFile menu. Read more about the Autorouting to Alternates.

What’s new

The ‘Generating Routes’ pop-up now is updated with the following elements:

  • Status Bar, which shows how many routes were found and how many are valid among them.

  • ‘Cancel Autorouting’ button, which cancels the autorouting process. The routes that were found will stay on screen.

  • Great Circle Distance (GCD%) column – an indication of overhead in %.
  • Fuel Burn column – all routes will be sorted by lowest fuel burn by default.
  • Vertical Wind Shear (WS) column – the largest vector difference between wind speed and direction above and below the cruise level.
  • Route Source labels: ‘Company preferred routes’, ‘Freshly Generated’, ‘Recently Filed’, ‘ATC preferred‘.

In the screenshot below, the routes are separated with a blue bar. The top section contains the ‘company preferred routes’; and the bottom section contains the routes from other autorouting engines. Filtering is available separately in the sections. If there are many ‘company preferred’ routes, they will be sorted among each other. The rest of the routes will be sorted below in the list.


Further Information

Read more about our iOS mobile application and its top Hints and Tips.

To benefit from the new updates, please, make sure you have the latest version of the apps.

Should you have questions, suggestions, or feedback, please send it to our Support or Sales Team.

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