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FlightPlan Updates March 14th, 2018

RocketRoute has released new app version. Please, make sure you have updated your FlightPlan app.

What’s New in 4.14.1 Version

  • Maintenance release for new data structures

Version History of RocketRoute FlightPlan


Added functionality to import GPX files directly via iOS
Exporting annotated flight logs to briefing packs from the mobile platform
Added functionality to graphically edit existing routes
Enhanced edit functionality for STAY


Added permanent availability of departure message for HEMS and MEDEVAC operators


Added functionality to assign local mass and balance to flight and locally save the Mass and Balance calculation to the device and sync to server briefing pack.


Added feature to insert waypoints into existing routes by tapping on the map
Improved app performance for crews with very long flights lists


New Mass and Balance screen released only for special operations


Improved time selector to input delayed departure time.


Added manual route validation feature for Europe.
Added local validation of mobile phone number.
Improve airport search on QuickFile screen.
Add warning when endurance is insufficient for a planned flight.
New feature to allow adding a label to flights for easy identification and retrieval.


Added protection for incorrect endurance.


Fixed iOS 11 compatibility issues
Improved Airport search in QuickFile mode


Improved Airport search for QuickFile
Fixed iOS 11 compatibility issues


New feature showing updated CTOT on flights header when a slots is assigned to a flight
Added mode to display VRPs only
Added VRP search to long tap search options
Improved design for Direct-To bearing distance and time indications
Added menu items to order fuel and handling through RocketRoute Marketplace


Increased flexibility for planning future flights.
Simplified saving drafts for new users.


Interim maintenance release.


Added ability to save flights locally without commander and contact details.


New emergency contact number added in case main support numbers fails.
Added Direct-To bearing and distance information.


Improved offline flights creation and synchronization.


Improved integration with RocketRoute Marketplace


New integrated flight log within flight time and fuel correction notes
Added off-line capability for QuickFile and draft plans
Improved AIRAC cycle update info
Improved download speed for navdata
Built in user alerts for new releases
Added feature to save draft flight as historic/completed for post-flight documentation purposes

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