Summary Tab and New Alerts

A workflow improvement for all subscription levels of RocketRoute. The ‘Flight Summary’ section is changing from a pop-up to a pull-out section.

Based on user feedback, and the need to consolidate our interface to make way for new and value-add features, RocketRoute has evolved the Flight Summary view, and now displays all the Errors & Warning relating to the route, W&B and fuel flow in one place, giving a clear picture of the possible issues related to the flight.

Flight Summary

The ‘Flight Summary’ has been changed from a popup to a pull-out section. This gives an immediate picture of all crucial errors and warnings in one place, doesn’t distract planner’s attention from the essentials, uses the latest design best practice. The ‘Flight Summary’ pull-out section can be re-sized and re-located on the screen, and when open, re-sizes the map accordingly, meaning that the route always stays visible. 

Previous version of the Flight Summary, a pop-up.

Past layout: ‘Flight Summary’ Pop-up

The latest layout: ‘Flight Summary’ Pull-out.


The new ‘Alerts’ section consolidates the following Errors and Warnings into a single popup:

  • EUROCONTROL RAD (Route Availability Document) Errors
  • Loading Errors (Fuel and M&B)
  • EDTO (Extended Diversion Time Operations) Errors
  • Advisories

The Alerts tab automatically re-sizes according to the number of Alerts generated. In addition, the severity of Alerts is shown to the user via the colour of the button; either red, orange or dark grey with a blue glow.

A GIF image showing the new ‘Alerts’ section.

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