Top 6 FlightPlan iOS App Hints and Tips

Read how quickly and effectively you can use the RocketRoute mobile application on your iOS device. The most popular questions from ‘Where to find a map?’ to ‘How to use the QuickFile function?’ are covered in this article.

RocketRoute puts the entire flight planning process into your pocket. Everything you need to make a flight plan with just one app – you can prepare a route, check weather, flight log, approach plates, briefing pack, make notes and more.

In this blog article you will find answers to the most popular questions about the iOS mobile app:

      1. How to download and activate a chart
      2. How to access the georeferenced Airport plates
      3. What is Quick File and how to use it
      4. Where to find the approach plates
      5. Where to find the flight log
      6. How to change the home base location


How to activate and download a chart

These steps show you how to activate a chart in the mobile app:

      • log into your RocketRoute account on your device
      • tap the left top corner to open the Menu
      • go to ‘MAP’ in the Menu
      • scroll to see the chart you would like to download (in our example it’s – San Francisco FAA 2018)
      • press the download button

The app will offer to activate the chart after the download. Tap ‘Activate’ and the chart will remain present on your device. Should you wish to deactivate it – just tap on the name of the chart. It will not delete it from the device, but will hide it from the moving map. To activate without downloading it again, tap the name of the chart again.

What is Quick File and how to use it

Quick File – is the fastest way to file a flight plan and take off. It was developed specifically for operations where every second counts, such as Helicopter Emergency Medical Services. However, it can be used by all our customers. With Quick File it takes only a few seconds to create a flight plan and file it.

Follow these steps:

  • tap a ‘plus’ icon
  • choose ‘IFR QUICK FILE’


  • enter departure and destination airports.

There are several ways to do it:

  • type ADEP and ADEP by hand and select an airport from the dropdown menu
  • zoom into the map, tap a location on it, choose SET DEPARTURE from the page dialog, tap again to SET DESTINATION

  • tap a ‘home’ icon which represents your home base location, tap a ‘location’ icon to enter your current location
  • you may now file the flight plan; or save it as a draft; or choose Advanced Edit to refine the flight plan.

Where to find the approach plates

Go directly to the AIRPORTS section of your account to find approach plates for any airport you wish.

Just type an ICAO or IATA code of the airport and choose it from the list.

If the airport is not installed, the app will offer to install it. Tap OK to do so.

After all available documents for the airport are downloaded (automatically), they will be categorised in several categories: STAR, APPR, TAXI, SID.

Choose APPR section, tap an approach plate you wish to see, it will expand to the full screen.


  • tap the airport on map
  • select ‘SHOW PLATES’

  • choose a plate from the list on the left side of the screen

 Where to find the flight log

  • launch RocketRoute app on your device
  • tap on a draft or filed flight for which you want to see the flight log
  • tap the word LOG to open the flight log

The last three fields are editable. Swipe the log from right to left and tap a field to leave a note.

How to change the home base location

  • tap the menu icon on the left top corner of the screen
  • tap ‘SETTINGS’
  • tap the field called ‘HOME LOCATION’
  • start typing the name of the airport, its ICAO or IATA code
  • tap the airport from the drop down menu

Further Information

Make sure you have the latest version of the app.

Should you have other questions, suggestions or feedback, please send it to our Support Team at

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