Trip to the northernmost point of Europe

Nine people in three Cirrus SR22s made the journey of 3300 nautical miles, with the help of RocketRoute’s concierge service.

Flying with RocketRoute July 4th, 2017

RocketRoute was invited by a group of its members to join a five-day adventure around the Scandinavian Peninsula, taking in North Cape, the northernmost point of Bear Island in Arctic Norway.

The trip comprised of 7 legs (9 for one of the aircraft, including a diversion). The routing took us from Germany to Norway, Finland, Sweden and back to Germany. Nine people in three Cirrus SR22s made a total of 3,300 nautical miles with some challenging weather en route.

For RocketRoute it was the perfect opportunity to test all aspects of the service from routing, weather, filing, planning, concierge, fuel, handling and more. Further detailed commentary will be shared in future weeks.


It was an excellent test for the latest improvements in our service and a great excuse to fly over dramatic dreamscapes and glacial beauty. The trip provided valuable feedback and insights into how our members are using RocketRoute.

We would like to mention and make special thanks to Stephan Lunau, Peter Russmann and Holger Schade for the invitation, planning and a wonderful adventure!

Day 1

EDFB – ENBR  ( Reichelsheim, Germany – Bergen, Norway )

Day 2

ENBR – ENBN ( Bergen, Norway – Bronnoysund, Norway )

ENBN – ENTC (Bronnoysund, Norway – Tromso, Norway)

Day 3

ENTC – ENNA ( Tromso, Norway – Lakselv, Norway)

Day 4

ENNA – EFHF ( Lakselv, Norway – Helsinki Malmi, Finland )

Day 5

EFHF – ESSB Helsinki Malmi, Finland –Stockholm Bromma, Sweden)

ESSB – EDFC Stockholm Bromma, Sweden – Aschaffenburg)

To see all photos from the trip click here

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