Visual Route Editor for iOS and Android Apps

RocketRoute is happy to announce its latest mobile app updates in time for the new flying season. Available on iOS devices.

UPD: Now available on Android devices.

Major Upgrade: Visual Route Editor

The flight plan route string is now more interactive – a user can tap any section of the route and receive a context menu with further possible actions. This update offers a new method for VFR route creation – a pilot can add new waypoints from the list of waypoints/airport/cities suggested by the app.

Visual Route Editor incorporates smart logic to suggest the most logical options for any action that the user is performing.

Visual Route Editor on an Android tablet.

New features include:

Previous version

Old version

Upgraded version 

New version

Colour-coded objects

Different colours in the route string help to distinguish the route elements quickly and easily.

An example of coloured labels.

    • Yellow – representation of  airways or DCT
    • Black – waypoint or coordinates

  • Green – VFR airport
  • Blue – IFR airport, SID/STAR
  • Red – error

Insert After

This feature presents the option to add a route item (waypoint, Enroute airport, VRP, User waypoint) into the route string after the item where the user tapped.

For example: Tap on a DCT and choose an item from the popup sub-menu to insert into the route.

Note: All objects will be filtered by distance to the previous waypoint (i.e. waypoint you are inserting after).

‘INSERT AFTER’ pop-up dialog.

List of suggested waypoints with the distance to them.

A waypoint can also be selected on the map.

The steps are the same:

  • Tap DCT
  • Tap the map icon  in the pop-up dialog
  • Select a waypoint on the map

After the user has made the selection, the waypoint will be added into the route and a DCT will be added automatically after it.

Another way to insert a route item is to search by its name in the Search field. 

Search by name.


This feature works similar to ‘drag and drop’ in the web application. It helps to move route string from one waypoint to another waypoint.

  • To move a waypoint, tap it on the map or in the route editor.
  • Select ‘MOVE’ from the sub-menu
  • The waypoint will be highlighted
  • Tap on a different point where the route is to be moved
  • The route string will automatically update.

Note: If you are moving a waypoint which has an attached ‘stay’ command, the stay will also be moved to a new point.

The waypoint that is going to be moved.

The highlighted waypoint ready to be moved and the waypoint where it’s going to be moved to. 

The route and a stay were moved to a new waypoint.

Speed/Altitude Change

Now Speed and Altitude change is available in the pop-up for any waypoint.

  • Tap on a waypoint
  • Write the new speed value
  • Tap APPLY

Speed and altitude change.

Change the speed value and press APPLY.

Speed change indication in the route string.


Update your mobile application today, try the new Visual Route Editor and share your feedback with us.

Our team will be glad to assist you in person on AERO 2019 or by email

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