Icing Charts

Icing Charts for flying at higher altitudes

Icing charts are vitally important to any pilot.

They give information about freezing points at different altitudes dependent upon whether and moisture conditions at any point in time. Usually used more by the more experienced pilot who flies at higher altitudes they can be a life saver especially on smaller aircraft.

Larger aircraft have a vast array of precautions to combat ice at high altitudes as the dangers are immense if the conditions are not combatted. Generally larger aircraft will have heating wings to stop ice forming, but lighter aircrafts have air pockets designed to burst if ice forms around its surface.

Single engine light aircraft parked in snow

RocketRoute again comes up trumps; Icing Charts are available using our software for anyone flying around Europe so if you are planning a flight be sure to check the icing charts using our software on your mobile.

Combining Icing Charts with all the other features and support that can be found on RocketRoute you can plan everything needed for your flight, your journey and your trip after landing.

RocketRoute Icing & Father Charts

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