Weather condition reporting & forecasting for pilots

METAR & TAF Reports

METAR is a format for reporting weather conditions and is largely used by pilots as part of a pre-flight briefing.

TAF or Terminal Aerodrome Forecast is used to determine weather conditions within a five mile radius of the centre of the airports runway complex.

Both of these weather forecasting methods are used by a pilot while planning their flights around Europe using RocketRoute.

RocketRoute METAR/TAF reports

Get Accurate Data

You can access METAR/TAF reports in a number of ways on RocketRoute. The easiest way is while searching on the maps of airports around your destination, simply click on an airport and the latest report will be displayed. While on a journey airports are displayed within a five mile distance on route allowing up to date local information from weather stations.

A METAR/TAF report is also detailed in your briefing pack through RocketRoute. All the information will be to hand at the point of planning your flight so you have all the correct information ready for take-off. All the information comes directly from an accurate and authoritative source in the Naional Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, one of Europe’s highest quality providers of flying information.

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